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VIC VicPol launches another Vulnerable Road User Operation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. This just goes to show the VicPol mentality, but they are going to enforce shared road user responsibility.

    This also means that they will be at key metro locations and are likely to be writing out tickets for filtering...

    You've been warned.

    = = = =

    Road to respect

    • Tuesday, 11 February 2014 09:17

    No vehicle has a monopoly on Victoria’s roads – everyone travelling on foot or four wheels, bicycle or motorcycle has the right to travel safely.

    That’s the message police are hoping to spread as they launch their newest operation to tackle road trauma – Operation Amulet.

    The initiative seeks to promote the safety of vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians which are traditionally over-represented in road trauma.

    Police intelligence for the month of February over the past five years showed that cyclists were particularly prone to collisions, accounting for more than half of all crashes involving vulnerable road users in inner Melbourne.

    Cyclists along the popular weekend Beach Road route from Port Melbourne to Frankston fared even worse, with cyclists involved in three-quarters of vulnerable road user collisions in the past five years.

    Sergeant Arty Lavos, State Bicycle and Vulnerable Road Users Coordinator said failure to give way, disobeying traffic signals and speed were among the most common causes of collisions involving cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

    “Many collisions occur at intersections where drivers fail to give way to cyclists or pedestrians, particularly when turning right.

    “We also see crashes happen when drivers and passengers open car doors into the path of an oncoming cyclist.”

    Sgt Lavos said collisions also occurred when cyclists rode more than two abreast or disobeyed lane markings and traffic signals, putting lives at risk.

    Pedestrians all too often diced with death by crossing against red signals and away from designated crossings.

    “We need to change the culture where people believe it’s every person for himself on the roads,” Sgt Lavos said.

    “Whether you’re a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian, everyone has a right to expect to travel safely on our roads.

    “We’re all part of the same community and we need to work together to make the roads safer for everyone.

    “This operation is not about casting blame – it’s about raising awareness of the dangers faced by our vulnerable road users and how each of us can contribute to a solution.”

    Road safety expert Bruce Corben said both drivers and pedestrians needed to take responsibility for their conduct on the road.

    “Pedestrians, cyclists and others lacking protection in traffic must be highly focused about their responsibilities when mixing with the wide array of vehicle types commonly encountered on city streets,” he said.

    Police from the State Highway Patrol, Bicycle Squad, Solo Unit, local police stations and the Operations Response Unit will be deployed to collision hotspots this month to enforce the road rules and promote the safety of all road users.

    Areas targeted include the Melbourne, Boroondara, Stonnington, Port Phillip and Yarra Police Service Areas.

    Police will also be out in force along the popular Beach Road strip from Port Melbourne to Frankston, known as route 33, on selected weekends.

  2. And how deploying more police going to educate road users?

    Giving group lessons while traffic is stopped?
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  3. So Rob what you're telling us is to avoid traveling Vic.

    Now that's 2 states I can't go to for fear of being arrested or being sent to the poor house.
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  4. I strikes me that in that announcement there is a lot more discussion of cyclists and pedestrians (and Beach Road cyclists in particular) than very much to do with motorcyclists.

    I'll take the notice on board though.
  5. Sorry, this is of topic,

    But I've just thought of a way Victoria can solve 2 problems in one fell swoop.

    If it they were to employ all the redundant car manufacturer workers as 'special constables' they could enforce ALL the road laws and increase state revenue.
  6. Areas targeted include the Melbourne, Boroondara, Stonnington, Port Phillip and Yarra Police Service Areas.

    I think you can avoid those areas without missing any good roads ;)
  7. Wow what a coincidence, Just when the Superbikes are on at PI.

    Fantastic, I will feel so safe, once they have spoken to all those cage drivers who keep trying to remove me from this world. Thanks to the plod.(y)
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  8. True from where I am I only have to worry about the prick of a cop in Walwa....
  9. Nicely timed piece of intel there Mick. Will remember that next week (y)
  10. No worries, anytime
  11. Opperation A Mullet...
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  12. not motorcyclists then? We're fair game?
  13. Posted following on another thread, but this may be just as appropriate:

    Current as at 7.15am today.

    Heads up: Police crackdown in Melbourne CBD. They're using radar guns at various intersections, and stopping you at next junction.

    Speed limit of 40kmh, and even signalling prior to changing lane is being enforced.

    For those with mods on the rides, the m/cycle copper who stopped me (under 10 above CBD limit), did a walkaround on my bike, then a friendly lecture, and gave me a warning.
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  14. It's funny how all these operations occur when a superbike or motogp event is occurring.
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  15. Quite honestly, I'd rather be fair game for morons than targeted for enforcement. I can handle the morons myself.
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  16. I saw 5 police on pushies patrolling the foot/bike path in Carlton on the way home. They where fining a girl for not wearing a helmet. I heard them say "we have a big tv and news campaign going at the moment". Funny, as this is the only place I've heard about this campaign, and I watch a lot of tv, lol.
  17. I don't know how to reference the table. But I feel like throwing a heavy brick stamped with the words "STATISTICALLY INSIGNIFICANT" stamped onto it, at the stupid kunt that put these "statistics" together, and at vicpol in general. Maybe then they'd get it through their thick skulls.
  18. I fully agree with your statement, however I am firmly convinced that we will run out of bricks well before they understand what we are trying to teach them.

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  19. Not coincidence, rather a keen eye for maximum earnings potential...
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  20. I can directly appoint blame to the 20% of car drivers with "reptile brain syndrome", as soon as they get behind the wheel, the knuckles turn white, the face gets a grim look about it, and they are ready to run anyone over who dares even thinking about merging in front of them. They will kill you to get to the next red light 2 seconds earlier.

    It must be their fault, because they are overrepresented, so therefore target them and don't educate car drivers that they are killing lots of people now, got it.