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Vicpol dubs H2 Ninja ‘recipe for disaster’

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeffco, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. It seems vic pol are getting in early, forget about all the cars that can do similar BUT this is a Disaster

    VICTORIA’S top traffic cop has slammed the new fastest motorcycle in the world — capable of hitting 100km/h in 2.5 seconds — as a potential “recipe for disaster”.

    Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill raised concerns after Kawasaki released details of its H2 Ninja, to go on sale early next year in Australia for about $30,000.

    The bike has the acceleration of a Formula One car and uses technology from Kawasaki’s aerospace division.
    “Reports of a new high-powered motorbike potentially being made available for sale in Australia are very concerning,” Mr Hill said.

    “Motorcycle riders are among our most vulnerable road users and speed is a major factor in about one-third of all fatal collisions. To put those two factors together is a recipe for disaster on our roads.”

    A total of 23 motorcyclists have perished on Victoria’s roads in 2014 so far.

    The new bike will be available to anyone with a full bike licence. Its supercharged engine has almost as much power as a Volkswagen Golf GTI hot hatchback, but the motorbike weighs about one-fifth as much as the car.

    Mr Hill said the H2 Ninja’s arrival in Australia was a concern because when a biker was involved in a collision they were more likely to be seriously injured or killed.

    “If you include high speed in that equation then the results are obvious,” he said. “When a motorcyclist falls from a bike there are often no second chances.

    “I urge all riders to slow down, travel at a safe speed and always ride with care.”

    The H2 Ninja has electronics to limit its power to enable it to be ridden safely in the wet. But like some V8s it has “launch control” for super-fast take-offs, and bigger brakes than a V8 Commodore.

    Originally published as Top cop slams new ‘fastest motorbike’
  2. Bob Hill should head down to Flemmington Races. I hear they have a couple horses for him to flog.
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  3. A motorcycle capable of hitting 100km/hr in 2.5 seconds, good grief.
    He should've quoted 0-200 times, or throw around the dreaded 300 number for better effect.
  4. 3AW called for an interview today and wanted the usual shock horror responses, even asking about limiting the sales to competent riders. What a good idea, let's introduce the same for Ferrari owners!

    Glad to see the resulting interview only ran once in the 7:30 news and has now faded into the rubbish bin. But it is indicative of the need for a change of traffic commissioner in VicPol to someone who understand motoring generally and motorcycling in particular, rather than a copper who is out of his depth and thinks a zero tolerance policy is suitable.
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  5. a predictable response....
  6. Mr Hill was allowed his say on 3AW Breakfast, but Ross & John couldn't get rid of him fast enough. No interview, just a party political statement and 'thank you Mr Hill'.

    Interesting if it gets any more airtime, obviously the traffic commissioner is pushing his anti motorcycle agenda to anyone who will give him a chance.
  7. In the light of the many casualties at the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain, I'm calling for the de-horning of all cattle......
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  8. My new pair of sand shoes has laces that are far to long,I need someone in Authority to find me a solution to this vexing problem.This has the potential to have me careening out of control and killing dozens.Something must be done.Maybe there could be an enquiry,someone should apply for a grant,surveys are needed to see if this is a trend,random checks to have laces measured and questions asked in Parliament.We are heading into the Christmas period and god help us all if these dangerous laces are freely available to even the kiddy's.There must be a crack down,standard need to be written and certificates of compliance need to be attach.I just hope the way they are attached isn't permanent,they should be designed to brake away in a fall.These shoe lace safety compliance certificates should be made so that its imposable for them to be copied or counterfeited.Where is Mr Howard Scrimpy of The Pedestrian Council in all this.He needs to be involved immediately.
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  9. Anyway, hysterics aside, isn't the H2R a track bike only? ie. it won't be ADR compliant and therefore unregisterable?

    It was my understanding that Kawasaki may build a road registerable variant which will be detuned somewhat.
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  10. I think there needs to be an enquiry into the lack of paragraphs and spaces after commas and full stops. :p
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  11. I'd like to hear some of these rank populists inveigh against SUVs and RVs, many of which are essentially trucks that folk trained only in the operation of small cars are permitted to drive, endangering us all. H2s and their ilk seem pretty silly to me, but to the extent that they are a risk, it will be for the most part to their own riders.

    The reason for the different responses is obvious enough (image: respectable middle-class/age folk regularly killing others doesn't fit a threatening stereotype in the way young guys killing themselves does). But good grief it is shallow and boring.
  12. Dem VW Golfs are light these days! :eek:
  13. #13 jdkarmch, Nov 5, 2014
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    A few facts:

    a. In the 1980’s a Road Safety Ad - the Look Left, Look Right campaign mentioned that “Motorcycles accelerate 7X faster than cars.” The aim of this ad was to highlight a major difference between cars and motorcycles that contributed to the road toll.

    b. In 1986 I owned a BMW K100RS which could accelerate to 100 kph in 4.4 seconds. Most modern motorcycles can accelerate much quicker than that.

    d. The acceleration ability of the Kawasaki H2 Ninja singled out by Bob Hill today is matched by most modern sports bikes.

    e. Even my Harley Davidson can reach 100kph in a very short space of time. On reaching 100 kph doesn’t necessarily mean that I or any other rider will continue past that speed.

    f. The light weight of a motorcycle is what allows it to accelerate quickly. On reaching 100kph, most modern motorcycles, with their modern braking systems can stop in probably around the time it takes them to reach 100kph. In the case of the Ninja - that could be as low as 2.5 secs from 100 kph (don't quote me on that).

    In my opinion what Bob Hill should be talking about is the fact that because motorcycle accelerate away from the lights much faster than most cars (many time faster in fact) that this is a reason why car drivers should take a second look for motorcycles. I note that the Road Toll Year to date shows that motorcycle fatalities are down by 30%.

    Its up to us to make sure that Hill stops making stupid statements. Only way to do that is to make public calls - Social Media maybe.

    Over to you team :)

    From way back in the 80's. Bob Hill has forgotten Road Safety 101.

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  14. Bob Hill and the media love to sensationalise things. Any repsonsible media reporting should temper Bob's allogations with a bit of truth. The New H2 with 210hp is only slightly more powerful that the current crop of litre capacity superbikes. Also the ZX14 and Hyabusa already put out simlar power and performance figures.

    This just shows that Bob Hill is ill informed and pushing his own agenda. Trying to instill fear in the public and spreading the propoganda that Speed is the major killer on our roads. Truth is Speed ranks 6th in the order of things that cause death or major injury on our roads. But of these 6 factors, speed is the most highly regulated and enforced, probably because it is the easierst to attach a penalty to and use as a revenue raiser.
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  15. Silly me thought that good acceleration made bikes more safe, rather than less.
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  16. Relax Bob, at $30K only relatively well heeled business types will be buying them and as we all know, only financially challenged lower class scum break the law.... :sneaky:
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  17. It's their modus operandi.

    Traffic police HAVE to make stories like this a beat-up. It's a part of their promotional path, their performance management or whatever else is used to gauge how effective they are at their jobs.

    In this case it's a lot of noise with very little substance.

    As for the media, journalists (and I use the term loosely here) need to write stories which will attract the editors' attention. It's their path to promotion as well. No journo likes to see his or her stories dumped or worse, buried as a filler on page 33.

    It's competitively fierce and unfortunately truth suffers because of it.
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  18. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!
  19. FFS most bikes can do that in 3-4 seconds. What's half a second?
    Hyabusas can do it in 2.5 as can r1's My bimmer does it in 3.5 seconds.
    That's if you do it on a track in the right conditions. Most of us can't ride like the pros.
    That commissioner should resign and do so right now he's a flog.
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  20. That was precisely my first thought too.

    Hill has just done his reputation a lot of damage. One hope he will recognise his blunder and change his approach.
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