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VicPol crash rate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by [FLUX], Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Hate to see what insurance premiums us taxpayers are paying :shock:
  2. IIRC, the Police self-insure. Probably with good reason too...
  3. Considering the use of the vehicles, these figures don't surprise me.
  4. Last thing we want is for the cops to start thinking their job isn't worth damaging the car when responding to a life-threatening situation. Review training and spend more on training. Good. But we shouldn't be making it such a risk-averse culture that they can't do their job because of a little panel damage.

    How do you think the Yank cops go with their PIT manoeuvres where they deliberately bash panels to pull cars over. Justified expense in my eyes.
  5. I agree, but with nearly 50% of NSW Police vehicles suffering accident damage at any one time, (anecdcotal evidence) you'd have to wonder about the level of care being taken in day-to-day driving.
  6. Row Row!


    Wonder if the vandalism figures are up from last year?
    Hope so.
  7. Anyone else remember various pollies over the years saying 'No we don't support driver training because it makes people over confident' and bla bla bla...?

    Well they say that... but the POLICE say: "A great deal of work is done to ensure all police officers recieve a high degree of driver training to reduce the risk of collisions and injury."

    So driver training reduces the risk of collisions and injury? I agree, but:

    Try telling that to VIC ROADS!
  8. 84,000,000 kms / 2300 units = 36521 km/unit/year

    2300/767 = 1 in 3 units involved in an "accident"

    2300/18 - 1 in 127 written off (anyone know figures to compare annual write offs to annual registration?)

    767/1404 = 0.546 (percentage over 2 years)

    2900000*0.546 = 1583400

    1583400/767 = $2064 (average accident repair cost (involving third party))

    ((444/885)*740000)/444 = $836 (damage per unit from "incidents")

    (Incidents = "minor damage such as battered fenders, bumps and scrapes ")

    Now it would be really interesting to compare it to the norm; 36251 is only 100km a day... and keep in mind, country units would definitely be increasing this average. It seems a lot to a commuter; however for a professional driver, it is hardly a drop in the ocean.
  9. :rofl:

    a cheap shot but gold... if more people were at work today i'm sure there would of been some good reading in the comments to follow.

    before any f*&^face moron starts having a go at me about sexism and all that shit go iron my shirt biatch.
  10. That is one of the best comments on a news article I've ever read.

    Totally ace.

    Whoever "Peter of Melbourne" is, he's a champion.