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VIC Vicpol bringing forward initiatives

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MrData, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Just heard on the radio that to reduce the road toll the police will bring forward initiatives they had planned to run later this year. Will be interesting to see what those are and what their impact will be.

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  2. We should all be expecting to be pulled over at some stage for a chat. You should avail yourselves of the current figures of motorcycle fatalities as there will be a quiz. I had mine the other day. Lovely couple of officers picked me out of traffic for a bit of a chat about why so many of my compatriots are dying this year. After about half an hour later of lecturing, I started repeating myself so I let them go.
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  3. Got pulled over my vic police tonight on the way home from work. He followed me down my dead end street. Told me he was targeting motorcyclists due to this years fatality count.

    He said he couldn't believe the amount of motorcyclist riding without a licence or on a non lams bike whilst on restricted licence.

    I'm so upset to hear of four riders dying this week. It really bothers me. Takes a lot of joy out of motorcycling for me. Everytime I jump on my bike I think "it may be my turn to die today". It didn't use to bother me but now I'm a father it messes with my head massively...
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  4. Kids'll do that to you. It's easy to be blase and occasionally nihilistic when you're only responsible for yourself, much harder when you have full responsibility for a little human being.

    Agree with the sentiment about fatalities on bikes, it is a difficult thing to think too much about.
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  5. Get your shit together man,your not in the right headspace there ,good luck with it all.
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  6. Did you do something wrong to be pulled over, cause I'm pretty sure that just "targeting motorcylists" is illegal.

    Random police checks 'not lawful'
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  7. I'm guessing they are just starting the annual "target all motorcyclists during the MotoGP" earlier than usual.

    Regarding the cop not believing how many are riding non LAMS when on a restricted license. Is this actually a reason for the increase in accidents? And is it a causation of the tougher restrictions?

    I don't know the stats on the recent crashes of licensed riders. But is the Hi vis policy having the opposite desired affect? Is this year as dreadful as it seems, or simply a case of last year being unusual, and this year being the norm?
  8. got done for speeding yesterday
    young copper was very pleasant no lecture
    no agro
    i was pleasantly surprised
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  9. The underlying issue is that there is a dramatic increase in wilful lawbreaking, and the LAMS point made is but one of the examples. The overrepresentation of unlicenced, unregistered, stolen serials and drug/alcohol affected riders in this year's fatalities shows a willingness to go out on a motorcycle illegally. That alone should be a cause for concern amongst all of us, since people who set out to ride illegally should not, IMO, be considered riders.

    But they are, by the media and by Joe Public. They don't know the difference, nor will they since we went through this demonisation when the OMC/1% became headlines and all motorcyclists became lumped in as "bad". VicPol have a limited ability to target this spike in fatalities, and random stop and check is the most effective to protect us from those 'unriders' who are giving us all such a bad name. How else can they find those who are setting out to ride illegally from the outset: not those who make the wrong move whilst riding, but those who haven't a licence, are high on something, are on false plates, etc yet STILL set out on the road on a motorbike?

    We're all going to find riding less enjoyable for a long time, but don't blame the VicPol copper who may well have been a first responder and seen one or more horrific accidents. Dead bodies, especially riders, aren't clinically dead as you see on TV. They are mangled lumps of meat, sometimes in numerous parts, and even the hardest amongst us will want to avoid seeing that too often.
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  10. Got back to riding six months after my firstborn came into the world, saving over an hour on the commute proved essential in the daily routine being sustainable.
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  11. Ouch. How bad and how much?
  12. Only a few more weeks and we will see lots more bikes on the road, ones that haven't been rides since March, and if the last "riding season" is a guide then there is more carnage to come.....
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  13. 3 points
    he seemed concerned that it would put me over om points so did a check
    all good
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  14. And was she hot ?

    Edit: was his misses hot then ?
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  15. he was cute
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  16. Muarc's recommendation...

    Monash University transport expert Max Cameron said motorcycles were simply unsafe vehicles.

    "The advances in car safety have been enormous over the past few decades, but motorcyclists are still the same sorts of vehicles," he said. "When you fly off a motorcycle, bones are going to get broken and skulls are going to get smashed."

    "The grim reality is we don't know how to prevent motorcycle injuries and we don't know how to prevent motorcycle crashes. The simplest solution would be for there to be no motorcycling."

    Motorcyclists make up one in five road deaths in Victoria
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  17. Road to zero maybe?
  18. Totally ignoring the similar advances in motorcycle safety, of course. And the more than doubling of the number of motorcycles on the road.
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