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VIC Vicpol booking multiple speeding vehicles 3 for the price of one.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chicken78, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Quick question for netriders. Just had a call from a friend travelling down the Hume at 136klm (110k zone) with a vehicle in front and one behind. Hwy patrol with radar gun pulled in the car in front flagged the following two in. All 3 travelling together, his question "is it possible for them to radar us all at once?" His understanding was they could only detect one vehicle at a time not multiple??

  2. i call bullshit on this one
  3. That's what I thought! But it's legit
  4. They get the speed of the rear vehicle, determine visually that the gap between the vehicles is not decreasing, therefore the front 2 vehicles must be travelling at the same or greater speed.
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  5. Great in theory. until you try and get a straight line reading on the back car without interference from anything in front. At first glance I'd want to challenge it, but don't know on what grounds. It would be very easy to prove an observed approximate speed.
  6. Were they given the 25- 35 over category our did they knock into the less than 25 over category?
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    Wont be a problem with LIDAR
    Even with radar, the target differentiation has never really been a problem.
  8. One month suspension
  9. I've had friends on bikes doing over 130 in a 100
    Cop pulled them over and said ' I clocked you at "???km/h", but I can't tell which one of you it was'
    Friendly warnings all round
    Contest it
  10. Was it a straight stretch? Bit of a hill? From memory depending on the circumstances they could have been able to clock them all separately depending on the road and distance but yeah... my memory is getting pretty fuzzy on those conversations to be honest...
  11. There are a couple of ways they can do this. And yes it does happen in Vic.

    The first and most common one is estimation. The Police don't need a reading on any speed measuring device to get a conviction. That is why at court in their statement they say I estimated the speed as being approx ???, then using the (whatever device) a reading of ??? was displayed.

    From that as already been said they can observe that all the cars were keeping an even distance behind the other one, therefore all doing the same speed.

    The other one is they can use the Laser to shoot each car (as long as they have a tracking on it for at least 3 seconds.)

    And it all would be done with a Laser not a Radar.
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  12. To point to a Netrider's recent experience where he and a mate were nabbed for 45kph+ over the limit on the Ol' Pac...

    The po-po got a radar/lidar fix on the first rider but not the second but pinged both riders (he followed 'em into Road Warriors where the ticketing took place). Both riders were issued with a 45kph+ TIN ($2100 & 6 month suspension). Second rider elects contest it in court but the plod didn't bother to turn up on the day so the Magistrate lowered the exceeding speed limit down to 30kph over.
  13. maybe never beena "problem" for police here.... but theres a LOT that can screw up radar. Proximity to large flat surfaces like road signs... the inability to target a small vehicle in front of a larger backdrop... like a car being followed by a truck... etc etc.

    various police useage manuals go into detail about how it can and can't be used.. and you can challenge on all sorts of grounds... these false readings may not be an issue for the police but its aways been an issue for the victims of their incompetence... sorry radar's limitations.

    in this circumstance though i figure you're screwed... they pick up one car (the one in front not the one in the back...it's radar not x-ray).. then estimate the speed of the others... police are allowed to estimate speed, and you could try to dispute it but you'd be very lucky considering they got the speed of one vehicle as a comparison...
  14. 2 years ago riding around gembrook 3 riders I was at the back coming around a corner the speed limit drops from 80 to 60 .highway patrol car on the left with a gun . 30ks over Conversations with vic pol " you were all doing the same speed but we can only book your mate in front " he lost his licence for a month and whatever $$ at the time . This was 2 years ago so the law may have change by now .

    But considering they can estimate your speed just by looking at you don't think we stand a chance
  15. It also depends on the officer's understanding of the law. Yes they can get estimation however I suspect it is often only the HWP who know this and how to argue it correctly. Maybe not even all of them either.
  16. Have first hand experience on this one... A friend and I both written up for tickets. Lidar handheld gun used, about 2-3 seconds gap between us.
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  17. As an aside, I once asked Hubey how long the laser had to track the target for and he flat out insisted it was instantaneous. So much for being straight with us.
  18. It is, but I think they are instructed to have a time in "lock" so to speak.
  19. From the operators view point it is instantaneous. Target locking is handled by the gun, not the operator.
    You point at target, push button, hold until speed is displayed.