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VIC VicPol bike Crackdown Australia Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jeffco, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Police to pursue rogue bikers over Australia Day long weekend.

    ROGUE motorcyclists who recklessly break the speed limit will be the target of a Victoria Police crackdown over the Australia Day weekend.

    Last Australia Day weekend one motorcyclist was killed and 26 suffered serious injuries on the state’s roads.

    So far this year, two motorcyclists, neither wearing helmets, have died on the roads.

    The total toll for the long weekend last year was seven dead and 76 seriously injured.

    Victoria’s top traffic cop, Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill, told the Herald Sun he was keen to avoid a repetition of last year’s carnage, and would deploy officers statewide to nab speeding motorists.

    Police officers would flood nine locations considered high-risk: Melbourne, Geelong, the Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra Ranges, the Surf Coast, Benalla, Baw Baw, Yarra and Glen Eira.

    EastLink has also pledged to use its network of 200-plus cameras to help police prosecute speeding motorists.

    “The Australia Day weekend traditionally sees high levels of motorcycle trauma,” Mr Hill said.

    “The fatal crashes we’ve had in 2015 have predominantly been in rural Victoria, in the western region.

    “A lot of those crashes were the result of people driving at inappropriate speeds,” he said.

    Victoria Police said the number of riders who died on the roads in 2014 had fallen by 25 per cent on 2013’s toll.

    Motorcycle Victoria has joined police in calling for motorcyclists to take care.

    Its CEO, Wayne Holdsworth, said: “We would like to urge rogue riders to stop speeding, and if they do have a thirst for it they should quench it by riding in a safe and controlled environment ... The road is no place to race.”

  2. So, that's Bob lining himself up for the Chief Commissioner's job then...
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  3. Rogue riders ay...They love their terminology don't they...
  4. Yes he can certainly spout the mantra. I like how what supposedly is about bikes morphs into cars accidents and the major deployment of police is in the east but the major accidents in the west.
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  5. And Victorian bike stats at an all time low.

    Wayne hasn't done much for his credibility:(
  6. I would guess that VP aren't getting a lot of support from any other motorcycle advocacy group so they sought out (and found) someone without as much background in the area.

    The racing community have traditionally held street antics in fairly low regard but I doubt WH fully understands the implications of holding hands with VP.
    Or perhaps he's just a businessman.
  7. Mr Wayne Holdsworth can EAD. I expect this sort of language from the cops, not from a motorcycle organisation.

    I am seeing more and more of this sort of language. And they even threw in the compulsory "Carnage on the Roads" crap.

    "ROGUE motorcyclists who recklessly break the speed limit will be the target of a Victoria Police crackdown over the Australia Day weekend. "

    he was keen to avoid a repetition of last year’s carnage, and would deploy officers statewide to nab speeding motorists.
  8. Unfortunately with the media Wayne may have said a lot more that tempered his statements but the media will always take the most emotive soundbite they can to stir up controversy. No-one can deny that what he says is true, the road is not for racing. Racing to me entails, multiple bikes, a common start, passing maneuvers, no oncoming traffic, run off areas etc. Fast riding is NOT racing.

    Yes Mick they are very fond of the emotive "carnage" word. Facts, like the trending drop in motorcycle accidents are inconvenient to the politician, even blue politicians angling for the top job.
  9. He may also not have said a lot more. Unless he makes a statement to the contrary I shall maintain that he should EAD.

    What's most annoying about the 'language' used by the police, politicians and safetycrats is that enough of the general public are too stupid to realise it's at worse a fabrication or at best an exaggeration.
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  10. Kinda makes me wanna BE a rogue rider :p
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  11. I had to do a google search to see who motorcycling Victoria are ! Should stick to the track and stay away from road issues . A lot of people have failed in the past making comments to the media . Looking at their website I see one of there PARTNERS is the Victorian government , :(
  12. Pfffft, I can ride pretty recklessly without breaking the speed limit.
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  13. "motorcyclists who recklessly break the speed limit will be the target of a Victoria Police crackdown over the Australia Day weekend."
    Alternatively, you could competently break the speed limits and not get targeted.
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  14. No matter what was said, ride safe guys and girls.
    PS My guess the next Vic chief commissioner wil be of the XX variety.
  15. Wait, isn't this BS? 2 motorcyclists crashed into each other at Kyabram and neither where wearing helmets, but only one died.
  16. No, there was a separate fatal incident involving no helmet.
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  17. What shits me is some 16 year old kid jumps on a bike with no licence and kills himself , he's a mortorcyclists . No he did something stupid made a very bad decision but he's not a mortorcyclists
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  18. "VicPol bike Crackdown Australia Day Weekend"

    Rolls eyes.....just another weekend in paradise......VICPOL, picking on a minority group for no REAL reason because they can.....again.....

  19. Read this today and was totally dumbfounded.
    M/bike fatalities down, car fatalities up, so who do they say they are targeting? Bikes.
    If it was the other way around guess who they would say they are targeting? You guessed it bikes.
    They should just say they are targeting everyone who speeds.
    The 9 high risk locations have been the same for every major operation over the last 5 years.
    God help us if Lucinda gets the top job.
  20. it's not just bikes.. :p bikes don't have seatbelts...