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VIC VicPol are a bit behind

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. There is another major police exercise on over the Queens Birthday weekend as part of the Community Policing and Education project - no, I don't know where it will be - Spurs, GOR etc.

    However there's probably nothing to worry about - the full page advert in today's Age about the police presence says they will be out in force this EASTER weekend... :LOL:
  2. They'll catch you, before someone else gets hurt.

    There is a good puzzle to keep the kids amused on page 16 Herald Sun today 4/06/09

    Ride Safe.
  3. Presumably the usual "Operation Snow Bunny" to catch the hoons heading into the high country for the opening of the ski season.

    But the Easter thing was a tad humorous, though.

    I wonder how much education is done versus actual enforcement and punitive measures being taken.
  4. I believe its a euphemism for "we need more revenue!!" ;)
  5. ah, the curse of 'cut-and-paste' :rofl:

    Rumour is the proof-readers of this release have been assigned duties as parking officers in Frankston as punishment.
  6. It was interesting to hear an ABC radio presenter (who rides, BTW), taking the TAC spokesperson to task over the funding of this campaign. The line he took was that this was essentially state government electioneering being funded by the public's registration and TPI payments.

    I was glad to hear it, and the TAC guy squirmed amusingly, but even I thought it was a slightly long bow to draw...
  7. more full page adverts in both the age and herald sun today.

    Can't be cheap. Which program on abc was that on??
  8. I stirred them up last night at the VMAC meeting... They weren't aware of it (read - it hadn't been brought to senior officers attention) :LOL: