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VIC Vicpol advertisment

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by deadman, May 17, 2012.

  1. What do you think of this one,


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  2. pity the author can't spell
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  3. where's the speech bubble for the kid in the blue shirt that should say "I'm a ginger, please shoot me officer"
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  4. Can't really read the writing..
  5. Plays well for some of us deadman, but the people we want to reach and convince wouldn't get it. Counter-productive.

    Good for a smirk, but.
  6. Kind of relate to this Deadman, sons number plates were pinched from his car lat thurs nite, reported fri morn, cops rang me at home and said that they were gonna ring my son [it is his car afterall] they never rung him, they rang again sat arvo saying plates had been handed on [petrol pinching is the guess] on the way down to the cop shop, I noticed a 'commod' parked with no plates, so advise the police, and they just said, 'oh, ok, we'll wait till someone reports it' car's been parked in a spot that's a pain in the arse to morning traffic, about 50 mtrs from a ped crossing used for school crossing and 'we'll wiat till it's reported' so my telling them obviosuy doesnt count. bright sparks!!
  7. Definitley not speeding so there's no money in it, only paperwork.....
  8. It all started going down hill the day the cops became a revenue centre rather than a service! They are budgeted to make money ffs.