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VICMotorcycle Auto electrician - any recommendations please?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Dave Milligan, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Hi Gang,

    I need the services of a motorcycle specialising auto electrician.

    Your recommendations for someone in the Melbourne area would be much appreciated.

  2. hi dave.....what seems to be the problem?What do you need done?
  3. Oh, I'm ashamed to say,....OK, I need a tow bar wired up for trailer lights & indicators on my ZRX1200.

    Don't tell anyone I've bought a camper trailer.

    The idea is to save money using this thing for accommodation at caravan parks at $20 per night as opposed to $75 to $130 for a motel or hotel room.

    We'll use it here in May for 3 weeks going to and from and while at the Ulysses AGM in Townsville (Maggie and I are riding up and back to man our trade display) and also in NZ and the UK & Europe.

    I'm in NZ from 21 to 25 April - at the All British Rally from 25 to 27 April and jumping on a plane to the UK on 30 April.

    Give me a shout on 03 9331 0947.

    We'll probabl;y use it for Rallies as well.