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[vic] young guns ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by spenaroo, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. basically a ride on wensday the 29th of june,
    start at am11:30 at healsville, at the yarra valley tourist railway off healsville-kingslake road

    and finish at lilydale lake.

    for more details see the original thread

    (did try to add to calendar but hasnt been moderated yet)
  2. I'll be working then :(
  3. getting my bike serviced on wednesday :(
  4. sounds like we need another one next week:)
    use Wednesday as the tester to see how it will work/go and improve it
  5. Looking forward to it mate, cheers for organising it
  6. Just so you boys know both of your routes have dirt sections...
    The acheron way has alot of dirt......
  7. haha this could be fun, ive got a backup, was going to check them yesrterday but didint gert round to it
  8. Have fun guys! :D
  9. How long do you think this ride will go for? I have work at 6.30pm tomorrow and don't know if I can fit it in :(
  10. leave 12, back at 2-2:30pm (lilydale) so about an 2 hours acording to google if needed it can be shortend down to an hour or less, i have several back up options. this is just what i figured most would go for. so if needs be we can change it on the day. thats why the meet is at 11:30 so we can socialise and make any changes to suit.
  11. Well it's 2 hours for the whole run, plus a break in the middle, traffic and/or roadworks (if any), might be more like 2.5hrs. If we leave 12pm we should be in Lillydale around 3pm max. That'll give you 3.5hrs to get to work.

    Any chance of maybe an earlier start spence? Like meet 10:30 leave 11?
  12. Unless you wanna grab lunch there
  13. yeah no probs with an earlier start, only thing is earliest i can garantee ill get there is 11am as i dont get up till 10ish....... due to the depression/anxiety. was planning on grabing some lunch there, but with an early start it will break up the ride so may be the best option.

    only problem is it would be short notice
  14. Alright, well if you're good to get there 11 then Ill be happy to get there 11 aswell. I think the earlier we start the better, or else we'll be finishing up too late and get stuck in peak hour on the way home.
  15. ok well i guess ill bump this thread,
    the plan is to have another ride, this time on saturday after the learners session,
    the start point will be the elwood carpark, then follow the coast east, and eventually turn up and go through the twisties. so it suits everyone with a bit of everything..... perfect for learners

    so any takers????

    looking for a route (got a rough idea but if anyone has some favourite road etc...)
    a time (i.e. date and when you want to start)
    and any volunteers for leader/Tec, i have no problem with doing all the organizing (unless someone else wants to:p) etc... but would prefer an experienced person for these positions. though would do either if wanted/needed (but it will be a slow ride:D)
  16. Yeah that might actually work for me, fits around night shift