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(VIC)Yea/Marysville Sun 17th April 05

Discussion in 'VIC' started by funky_monkey, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Date Sunday 17th April 05

    Meeting 10am at Peter Stevens Dandenong and a second meeting point will be at Coldstream servo on Marrondah Hwy on the left hand side at aprox 11:20am give or take.

    All levels of experience welcome 8)

    Hello all :)

    Sundays ride will depart Peter Stevens Dandenong anywhere between 10-10:30am going through Cokatoo/Woori Yallok/Yarra Glen then Yea for coffees/refreshments etc... Then we'll make our way to Marysville for a relaxing lunch and even visit Stevensons Falls :D From there we'll head back through the Black Spur and have our last stop in Healsville.

    A ride for everyone to relax and enjoy or for those who want to twist the throttle every now n then :biker:

    Cheers Franky 8)

    Oh... It's my B'day this Sunday! Yea!
  2. sounds like alot of fun but im not sure if my license can handle the loss of more points as a result of twisting the throttle!

  3. Hey Franky,
    put me down been a while since we've gone for a blat
  4. All expreience levels welcome, this one really seems like one for the big boys...:LOL:
  5. i'll be there if i don't go to the honda day
  6. Sounds like a good ride, count me in..... :D

    Franky see you at PS Sunday


  7. Cool - I was hoping there'd be a ride this weekend. Put me down as a mubbe.
  8. Ratty says he'll go for sure.
  9. I'll join yas @ yarra glen... what time do you think ETA will be there ??
  10. Are you sure this time Raz??? lol

    :D :D
  11. count me in its been a while sance we'v done yea :D :D :D :D
  12. As Nodz says, i'll be joining you 4 sure Franky, last weekend was a great mix of good weather b4 lunch, pissed down on the way to healsville, wet roads on the way home, but great wet surface practice, i loved it :D

    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  13. *sing to the conga line tune* I just got 6 ba-ack, I just got 6 ba-ack....I just got 6 ba-ack, I just got 6 ba-ack.........

    (well technically I just lost 6 demerit points, but Im old school and begun driving when you had 12 points and lost them when you got busted)
  14. sounds like a good ride.... you can count on 2 more 250's if you big boys promise to be nice to the baby bikes... I'm on my L's and this will be my first ride on my first bike.... yea

    Happy birthday Franky
  15. Hey Happy Birthday Franky. :D :D

    What time you think you will have lunch ... might see if I can make it.

    Don't party too hard on Saturday night. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Yes.. I promise not to get dragged out by anyone for any kind of drinking! no matter what! >:) I wanna RIDE!
  17. 2 more here up for a ride. Myself and a learner mate


  18. Put me down as a maybe for this one. If all goes well will see you on Sunday.

    Happy Birthday Frankie

  19. Going looking at dining tables this weekend :cry:
  20. Has anyone been to the 'In-neutral' cafe before and if so what was the food and serevice like?
    i have not been there myself, just wondering whether it is as good as it sounds, apparently owned and run by bike riders.

    They have a website,
    http://www.in-neutral.com/, maybe worth checking out, although some of that food looks fairly pricey.