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VIC Yea 13 Aug Speed Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Anyone from Netrider riding from Yea towards Alexandra yesterday?

    There was a large group of riders, 15+, that all sped past a speed camera. So many flashes it wasn't funny.
  2. Wow. Is it a fixed camera? I cannot see it in my database?
  3. database? Can I get a copy?
  4. Was just reading the Herald Sun about the blitz on red light runners etc and thought i would look up the "Justice" (oxymoron?) site for Vic as they have a complete list of all mobile and fixed speed and red light camera locations (and got a fright) as well as all their dogmatic crap about how speed is the single biggest killer on the roads *COUGH* Bullsh1t!

    Justice Site:

    Locations of fixed red light speed cameras (note combined cameras!!)

    Locations as above with the number of fatalities and injuries at these sites between 1995 and 2004:
    http://www.justice.vic.gov.au/CA256902000FE154/Lookup/Road_Safety_PDFs/$file/RTA_at_Red_Light_Speed_Camera_Locations_Victoria_1 995_to_2004.pdf

    Approved mobile speed camera sites as at April 2006.

    It amazes me how they can justify cameras at some of these locations.... two ones very local to me on Centre Rd for example. I have NEVER seen a crash at either of these two intersections and the one almost at the end of my street has only seen 12 people injured in 9 years with 0 fatalies... does that sound like a reasonable spot for a camera or a nice spot to make some money? They have two on Centre rd and yet none at one of the worst intersections in the country, the Prices Hwy, Springvale Rd, Centre Rd/Police Rd shambles. Or where i used to live at Old Dnadenong Rd and Warrigul road were you get someone who runs the red light almost every light change.
  5. our gov truly does suck big fat ones

    Yeah mate, this kind of thread pops up once in a while.
    And your 100% right. Its total BS! They stick the cameras up where they make most money, not for accident prevention. How can a big metal pole on the side of the road prevent an 'accident' anyway?!? people just learn its there and slow down for that intersection. They need to fix the roads and signage really... but hey, who are they to care. As long as they get paid. Protests, etc, in the past havent changed them really... so... best off just accepting our gov sucks ass and keep a keen eye out for the bstrds.
  6. Re: our gov truly does suck big fat ones


    I drive past one most mornings on the way to work in Moorabbin

    three things....its at the bottom of a hill
    (big No-No according to the rules of plod :roll: )
    in the past 12 years I have passed that, I have never seen an accident at that spot

    and worse...!
    its 400m past a 40kmh school zone where 70 is normal :evil:

    frankly greed cameras are a joke

    no cheers here
  7. Yeah the government loves to praise speed cameras as the single biggest factor behind the reduction in the road toll. Interestingly though I was reading an article recently written by some expert from Germany that attributed the reduction in deaths to nothing more than higher petrol prices. People are driving less often and/or shorter distances particularly on highways so the number of deaths drop since average distance travelled has been proven to be a factor in how likely you are to be involved in a crash.
  8. Yeah it was our group. was it a fix camera or mobile? bcuzz we saw one mobile.
  9. I'd hazard a guess and say it would've been a mobile unitout there as there wouldn't be enough traffic to raise enough revenue to justify a permanent camera there :wink:
  10. There was a camera on the Yea side of Molesworth pointing towards Alexandra....a 4WD.
  11. we saw the for weel drive on the side, all covered number plates did some posing in stand ups :)
  12. Not to mention the costs of attempting to stop the angry locals from destroying a fixed camera on a remote country road. :wink: