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VIC [VIC] Yarra Ranges Police operation results to date.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/6606-yarra-ranges-operations-snag-30-speeders.html

    The article touts a rider losing their license on a road that was once 100km/h

    Interestingly, the operations are targetted at motorcyclists, but cars are being caught in bigger numbers - except in the defects department (surprise surprise). I find it fascinating that the number of bike collisions are far outweighed by the number of car collisions. Boggles the mind why bikers are still labelled so poorly.

    Unlicensed and unregistered riding sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Once again we see the coppers touting the success of their operations without ANY reference to the reduction in motorcycling exposure brought on by their harassment.

    See attached screen shots for details.

    Attached Files:

  2. [​IMG]

    The top section of this is my favourite...

    Cars outrank bikes in all categories except crossing double lines.

    I'm framing it, and I'm keeping it.
  3. Dare I say, the unlicensed riders probably include restricted riders not riding a lams bike..
    Technically, this could be considered unlicensed riding....
  4. Operation Surreptitious

    Unregistered driving: M/bikes 0 + Cars 3 = Total 4 ...

    The 4th rendered invisible by secret, unauthorised alien abduction? :-s
  5. That was a surreptitious statistic... that wouldn't remain secret and got counted. LOL
  6. I think they're trying to goad us
  8. Six months licence loss for 121 kph in the Black Spur riding a bavarian tractor. I wonder what we'd have thought of that three years ago. Bloody gestapo.
  9. Yeah that operation name did raise my eye brow!
    Like WhoTF comes up with these operation names and did they know the meaning of surreptitious is "to keep secret because it wouldn't get approved"!!
  10. Surreptitious in order to keep the operation and the police presence secret from the motorists, because if they see police they will slow down, and that's not what they want.
  11. They'd still have got serious points 3 yrs ago. But who rides the Spurs and goes faster than 100kmh now? Surely everyone in Melbourne knows it's a magnet for all things copper?
  12. Hear hear.

    121 kph on a rural road is no big deal and the punishment is way over the top. The punishment certainly does not fit the crime if in fact one can really label it a crime.

    It’s yet another failed Victoria Police operation that clearly demonstrates their struggle to justify their existence by using the tired and outdated ALP method of marketing as opposed to substance.
  13. Yeah, fair enough, but when the traffic's heavy and you go for an overtake in the only sensible place to do so, its easy with to get to 130 indicated before applying the brakes.
  14. I know, believe me, I know (I lived there for some years), but who exceeds the speed limit in a known cop hot spot and then does it significantly enough to get a 6mth ban?
  15. That particular bloke did,
  16. No it shouldn't. There are 2 charges that can be used in that situation:
    - ride contrary to licence conditions (this also include things such as drive manual on auto licence, not wear glasses when required etc)
    - exceed power/weight ratio as l/P plater

    This is ACT law but it's probably similar down there as it's based on the ARR.
  17. This thread is not about ACT/NSW law.

    If you do not hold a licence which allows you to operate the vehicle, VicPol will put it down as unlicensed riding.

    joedelosa is 100% correct with his observation.

  18. Not according to TonyE and he should know the law down there, see this thread:

    If it was the case, they'd issue a TIN for unlicenced rider in that situation. Is that what they do?
  19. Correct me if im wrong but wasnt the overt op' more successful than the covert in the way of people caught? If that is truly the case why bother with the covert ops which only cause a dislike of the police and is apparently,less successful?
    As for the poor bugger on the Beemer,ffs wasnt that long ago the road was 100k sign posted,wouldve copped a significantly less harsh fine then. What surprised me in those stats is the amount of people caught unlicenced/disqualified etc.....why the f#$k would u go anywhere near the yarra ranges/spurs without a bloody licence?? Funniest thing is that its car drivers who are getting done more than us.....and they reckon we're the problem!!??!! lmfao!!