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[VIC] Yarra Ranges - April 2010

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Thera, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Link

    Heard about the above link on the news this morning, apparently a few people have been carted off to hospital because of them. When I was having my lunch there was 4 fighting over a piece of chicken that dropped from my sandwich so I am going to believe it's true.

    Might be a good idea to wear your visor down, and cover your neck if your allergic to stings around the ranges.

  2. Yah I got stung a wasp a couple of weeks back in the chest as I was riding along in Carlton, It must have sneaked in earlier I was putting jacket on? felt like I had been stabbed with a big needle. Was still a bit sore 2 days later
  3. A mate of mine had a wasp get into the helmet at freeway speeds, and kent of a thing stung him 5 times before he could stop and get the helmet off. One right between the eyes too, very lucky he didn't bin it.

    On a side note, a neighbor has a wasp nest but I don't which one, and I am sick of the little fukrs leaving their little orange shit lines all over my car.
  4. If you can find the nest, Half a cup of petrol poured into the hole kills the whole nest, The fumes from the petrol kills them stone dead, and all the nest as well.

    DO NOT LIGHT IT Its the fumes off the petrol that kills them,

    They will come out of the nest for four or five days as the young hatch and come out, with no adults to feed them, they die,
    I have done five nests this way at my place, and they dont come back,
  5. Deadman, you forgot to add - do it at night. And use a torch with some cellophane over the light. It has to be a specific color, and I forget what it is. But it's one that makes the light such that it won't attract the supposedly sleeping wasps.

    And to wear appropriate PPE just in case...
  6. I do it in the day. I just walk over casually and pour it straight into the hole. and then casually walk away,
    Casually means, no jerky movements, dont wave your arms about, they are attracted to violent movements, I have never been attacked or bitten, and they are pouring into and out of there hole at the time, They do sense fear and will attack if you are scared of them.
    Works for me,
    But carry a can of fly spray if your worried about them, The die very easily and quickly with fly spray.
  7. put your kero in one of those garden pressure packs, a 2 litre one should suffice, and do it from a distance, kero evaporates quickly and is quite fumey
  8. can I light it after? Wheres the fun in putting petrol in anything other than mechanical means and then not setting fire to it lmao
  9. Was up at the lookout on Mount Dandenong today and the damn things were everywhere. So many that we had to take the kids inside, and the outdoor cafe was pretty much cleared of people.
    Didn't see anyone stung though.