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[VIC] Yarra Junction-Noojee Road [C425]

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Packed my bike and met a friend in the morning to go for a weekend ride to the GAR. All was going well then I saw this on the road:
    I managed to ride by the middle of the road and avoid it but my friend wasn't so lucky and rode thru it. This was the end result:
    The rear tyre split from the carcass, front tyre looks similar to above albeit less but also has rim damage.
    Happened just before Piedmont on the way to Noojee. I thought the GOR potholes unevenness was bad, this roads ones are worse.
    I went to get petrol from Neerim Junction and on the way saw more potholes but they were highlighted around with a white/yellow or orange fluroscent type coloured marker and were easy to tell whereas above one well as you can is like a crater and takes up half of the lane.
    Could my friend send a letter or email to the council there or vicroads to get costs covered, anyone got any experience in something like this?

    On the positive side amongst all this still managed to go for a 500km ride.

    GAR....I'll be back...

  2. That's really bad, but as far as I'm aware vicroads is exempted from covering costs for damage like this.

    I feel that they should be held responsible for the bad state of the roads and the damage caused by them.
  3. Cheers ResmeN for posting this hazard. I'd definitely send a letter and a photo to the council explaining the situation and requesting compensation.

    Even if they don't pay up, I think (but am not sure) that the letter will serve as legal notice of the problem, and after a reasonable time has elapsed to fix it they will be liable for any further damage to vehicles caused by the pothole.
  4. I know, we were both worked up to do the GAR and were simmering along to our destination when this happened. His front tyre went up 30 degrees and rear about 10 and was fully airborne for 1/2 a second and worked hard to keep it under contol and remain upright.

    I agree VicRoads should be responsible in the end as they ultimately oversee and have the final say on what goes on to our road network.
    I don't normally complain about these things and to tell the truth had my friend also made thru unscathed probably wouldn't have made this thread but like you said a letter of somesort will hopefully speed up the process and will hopefully prevent another road user from suffering a similar or worse fate. That was the biggest pot hole but other than that there were heaps of them littered around the place. Despite the road getting no where near the users of the GOR the surface conditions were appalling.

    On the contrary the Reefton spur was so clean, litter and dirt free that I was actually shocked at how much of a difference it actually makes when riding on near perfect conditions as you don't need to focus so much on the road and whether you will be running over a rock or branch and instead can focus on your riding, corner entry, exit and have fun.

    I'll email the pics to my friend and tell him to email the council and VR and see what they say. Even if they don't pay him I hope they sort the roads out asap.

    Thanks Guys :)
  5. Hey mate,
    Sorry to hear of your ordeal, in particular your buddy's tyre/wheel damage ! And you guys were soooo excited about making that trip up there :(
    On the 'bright' side (pardon the pun), things can always be much worse than they end up, so glad to hear you're both okay.
    Till next time mate.
  6. Thanks man, I know :)
    I stayed up last night plotting the route on a piece of paper which I stuck on my tank and barely got thru half of day 1.
    I told him it could have been worse and maybe this was a sign every cloud has a silver lining.
    I got the munchies, I know it's late but think I'll get some KFC mmm upsized tower burger combo. I'll send you some wicked wings via the underground tunnel network connecting our houses ok :)
  7. let TonyE know what happened. he was on vmac and I think he's is on other commitees.
  8. bad liuck boys, glad youre ok...still plenty of time to get up there before the snow season... shame they couldnt even be bothered to put up a warining sign or something, looks like that hole has been there for a while too... well done for letting everyone here know about it....
  9. Yikes, I went through there yesterday...can you give us GPS/gmaps coords?

  10. I would get the tyre replaced & then put a letter together with photos & submit to Vicroads and/or local council office. I work in the tyre industry & plenty of people come in with similar stories regarding alloy wheels & generally get the other party to cover replacement costs.

    Ask the people that changes the tyre if they can put a letter/report together mentioning the damage & high possibility of it's cause.

    The good thing is you already have the photos as normally as soon as you report it, it gets fixed before you can get back out there.

    Best of luck & well done for keeping it upright.

  11. Resmen, glad to hear you're alright buddy, if you dont have a go you'll never ever know, get the letter/s, pics and send them in, fingers crossed by all of us that you may get reimbursed. I am still banned from riding but the itch does not seem to want to go away :) eventually she WILL concede lol Enjoy, keep smiling and more importantly, stay upriight!!
  12. Post crash we were looking at variables and I couldn't help but think if the tyres were European or Japanese they would have fared better than the Korean shincos, what do you guys think about that? I know Korean/Chinese tyres don't have as much longevity as some of the others but this makes me think that the material quality overall isn't up to scratch when compared to the others and when you go over a pot hole at speed this happens...

    The crater is on an entry to a left hand corner as can be seen in the pics. If the rider is looking thru the corner rather than road surface then they may miss it and end up going over it.

    All this is making me think getting tyre/rim coverage on top of normal insurance isn't a bad idea after all...
    Thanks twistngo
    Thanks brother. Can you remember what dates the sign at Omeo said that the back road way to Hotham was closing?
    Yeah, no signs before/after or even a fluorescent mark around the pothole itself would have sufficed. Laxness on behalf of whichever authority is responsible for it.
    I said the same thing when riding by it yesterday except mine was more like faaaaaaarrrrrr wtf did a meteorite hit the road, quick move to the side otherwise you're toast phew, that was close........
    I put a map link in the opening post but looks like it didn't come up. Here you go. Between Gentle Annie and Piedmont.
    Hi Al,

    Thanks for your informational post. Didn't happen to me but to another rider, will be sure to relay all the points you mentioned on to him. The way he was explaining he sure did do well to keep it upright as bike wanted to lowside and head to the bushes with him on it.
  13. Hey goddie, thanks I avoided it but my friend that I was riding with wasn't so lucky and above tyre is his bikes. Will pass on the info to him.
    Maybe I should come by your place and take you for a ride and you can be my pillion biatch on 2nd thought scratch that I'm still on my probationary motorbike license and your mrs would probably hate me for itching your itch :)
    Once itched always itched my friend. You will eventually wear her down might not happen in the short term future but I'm sure will eventually happen.

    On all my rides to/from Healesville I have always used Chum Creek Rd. The only time I didn't was the time we were on that sunday ride together that you got a lift back with so I didn't end up using it that time either. I thought this time why not go back via Myers Creek Rd. In all honesty I found MCR more difficult to navigate than CCR because the condition of the road surface is pathetic and very much like the unevenness and holes found in the GOR. Couldn't believe how much of a bumpy ride it was. Now I know exactly why you had your incident. To they're credit CCR has recently had a new surface thrown on it which has made it a bit better too.

    I'm not sure if we as motorbike riders complain about the road surface conditions more than we should or they are meant to be like that but I remember pre 2000 if roads needed mending they would get done asap but seem these days repairs take longer.

  14. Perfect way of revisiting this would be that billboard on the Great Ocean Road that someone had so craftily spray-painted 'Fix the Roads' beside 'Slowing Down Won't Kill You'.

    That sign made my day, as it no doubt has to many others. During incidents like yours ResmeN, it does make one wonder though, eh ?

    The latest TAC 'attrocity' is that poor female affected in a car crash, highlighting the need for airbags in your next car. Seriously ! That's another story though and don't wish to digress.....
  15. hey res, sorry not sure about exact dates, but wouldnt want to be up there after the end of may, maybe ring vic roads to find the exact info...
    "fix the roads" indeed, i really love beaconsfield- emerald rd but they have put up tonnes of that stupid cheese cutter stuff but left the road mostly the way it is, really hard to understand, whats that saying about putting the cart before the horse?
  16. Looks like that sign made a lot of peoples day. Next time I ride thru there I'll take a pic of it haha

    It looks like their forcing people to slow down by leaving the roads in a dangerous state.
    I'm with you there. The weathers already in single digits above 0, I think late may will be well in to the negatives.
    Might look at doing it around easter *hint wink*
  17. Res,
    Yeah, I was aware that it wasn't you that hit the crater. Just re-read my original post & should have written

    Best of luck & well done to your mate for keeping it upright.

    Not meaning to hijack/sidetrack from topic but Beacy/Emerald road has been resurfaced for the better in many places(but not all), especially towards Paternoster Rd. The new surface has gotten rid of the long cracks & dips in the road & improved the edges also. Still need to watch for some loose gravel though.

    OK, back on topic

  18. Did the road on Saturday. The pot hole is still there.

    If you accurately know the location, Ring 131170 and report it.
  19. With the pothole and damage photos, known location and this road's popularity with motorcycles, VicRoads should get this fixed fairly quiclky so as rob said, send the pics and info (may be better if sent by rider with damage) to VicRoads asap...
  20. Why would VicRoads be proactive when a motorcyclists requests a hazard be fixed? They'd keep it there to keep us off the Reefton, and then if an accident was to occur it'd be rider error not a road condition caused accident.

    VicRoads are seriously the most ridiculously pathetic excuse for an organisation ive ever encountered.