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[VIC] WTB: Tank Bag (other states feel free to reply)

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by sharkuss, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Not too fussed over condition but it must be capable of holding an object of the following dimensions

    H 8cm
    L 22cm
    W 18cm

    Suitable for Yammy FZ1 if it matters, it's a MUST the bag be waterproof or have a waterproof liner as it will be carrying medical equipment. Happy to pay postage for a good deal on the bag. If your bag is a larger, collapsable variety am still interested as long term i'll need luggage anyway, but my initial measurements are the priority.
  2. You want this mate.


    Jump on it, i measured mine and it suits your purposes plus more.


    It zips apart into three sections so it offers lots of flexibility. Should come with cover contained in an internal pocket that goes over the whole making it totally waterproof.
  3. hey mate, u can have mine for $25 if u want. easily meets capacity. bugger postage, i'll ride it round. it has a damaged zip on one size, so can only partially close. fairly secure though, crap doesnt fall out. has a waterproof liner which unzips and covers the whole thing. also comes with more zip on expandable bits to increase volume. its magnetic tank bag, dunno if i still have the strap to clip on to plastic tanks.

    will post up a pic later today. how soon do u need it? i wont have a rack fitted until maybe wednesday, so i kinda need it till then, but can possibly do without if u need it as a priority.
  4. Ta lads much appreciated, seems the Holster has one that i'm checking out tonight at coffee so if it suits i'm sorted.

    Otherwise yeah Cheffie that looks the goods and me not being a brand slut the price is good too lol.

    Nib's thanks too for the offer, will let you know mate ;)
  5. hey chef, its listed as sold in the thread linked. is this because you bought it, and are now selling it? if so, and sharky doesnt need it, i'll have it off ya. basically identical to the one i have, cept it doesnt have a semi rooted zip on one side :LOL:
  6. :shock: ah bugger, they're onto me.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.