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[VIC] Would you change your vote?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cejay, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. I'll be upfront. Bracks and his team are not my favourites. We don't agree on lots of things. And I'm sure he's really bothered about that...

    But, since he came to power in 1999 the Bracks Motorcycle friendly policies:

    Implemented WRB's despites assertions to the contrary
    Funded front licence plate research (costs in the millions)*
    Charged a $50 levy**
    Actively seeking to ban lane filtering

    * I have no supporting data for this wild claim
    ** Gov't indexes fees regardless of the cost of delivery. The $50 levy is apparently $53.90. But as it's not now itemised on your rego, how would you know?

    As the ALP and the Coalition struggle to differentiate themselves on any of their policies (they seem very similar to me), would any of these things encourage you to change or firm up your vote?

    Given that motorcycle riders are not in huge numbers, that we are dispersed in electorates and that we can't seem to agree on anything, would anything we do change the outcome of an election.

    Just a thought....

  2. Nope.

    I care about those issues, but not enough to change my vote just on the basis of some 'promises' from the opposition.

    Of course if I thought it might make a difference I'd be happy to threaten to vote on any issue that concerns me.

  3. The most effective strategy these days is to threaten to deny them control of the upper house. Upper house members are not elected according to geography, so it's easier to get an independent that supports your cause in there. You've just got to be prepared to fill out your ballot paper fully.
    They can't do much by themselves, but they can make life difficult for the ruling party if the results are close.
  4. er.. the Vic upper house (which is what is being referred to above) is elected on a geographical base.
  5. IMO, Bracks has failed to fix the hospital system. It's now worse than it ever was. Schools are better though, and that's a good thing. Bracks's stubborness over the Mitcham bypass by not working more closely with the Federal government to ensure that this most critical infrastructure project for the future growth of Victoria remained toll free is going to cost the Victorians affected by it to the tune of billions, all for the sake of increased shareholder profit for those with shares in the company that builds it.

    That alone is going to cost Bracks power at the next election. He's pissed off so many people due to that. The tolling of CityLink was pretty much the straw that broke the back of Kennet's govt., just as the EastLink project will be the determining factor for Bracks.

    People feel that they already pay a tremendous amount in petrol levies and registration, and in return they see them having to pay even more just to get around the city.

    Doesn't matter what the policies are between the two parties. As you say, they are close enough to effectively make them indistinguishable, but the speed camera excesses on the Geelong Rd, and the EastLink project will drive enough angry commuters at the voting booth to push him out of Govt.
  6. The thing about Eastlink that really annoys me is that the Eastern extension was nearly started when the plug was pulled by Bracks. Then they amalgamated with the Scoresby, renamed it and then tolled it. And then they have the cheek to say that the Ringwood bypass will not be tolled, as though that was a bonus.
  7. I wouldnt vote for Bracks in a blue fit,or in any other state of emotion,HES A WEASEL Look what hes done for victoria since jeff got kicked out, massive job losses kodak, kraft, arnotts just to name a few.New tollless oops TOLLED ROADS, speed camera debarcle theres nothing wrong with the cameras BULLSHIT ,Hospitals still stuffed,the list goes on No lane filtering i know what needs filtering his brain as its full of shit and stupid idears :grin:
  8. Oops. So it is. Just have to conentrate on Federal, then...
  9. I live in one of the safest Labor areas for Council, State & Federal pollies.

    We also have the highest rate of invalide votes cast. I know why, because people like me turn up, get our name crossed off the list and then stick a blank ballot into the ballot box.

    Current laws only require attending a polling place but don't force us to actually vote.

    The other problem is the Robert "we need a Royal Commission" Doyle and his Liberal team are much worse than the current Bracks Labor team. It's a case of the Devil we know versus the Devil which is worse.
  10. Wouldn't vote for Bracks (and haven't) but not really sure if the oppostion is going to provide much of an alternative. I still want the voting system changed to include a "none of the above option", with all candidates being sacked if that gets the majority vote :grin:.
  11. which ever side you vote for you'll still end up with a pollie,
    wonder what would happen if they had an election and no one came :LOL: :LOL:
  12. i voted for mickey mouse :)
  13. Maybe we should be able to randomly , pick names from the phone book ,
    and anyone that wants to be a pollie is not allowed,

    In victoria
    The labor party lied to us
    The liberal party lied to us

    Spot the difference, elections just share the trough around a few different snouts every few years
  14. And yet some people still believe what they say and vote for the same party every time regardless of proposed policys. That's the problem, as long as they know they have enough safe seats they don't really have to try that hard to impress other regions.
  15. whats the difference ...... its like the question ??? what flavor do you like your turds ???
  16. Ideally we need to change the system to 1 vote - 1 party, no preferences
    Also ALL pollies on EBA's , performace based. If they cannot do what they promised out they go

    but would it ever happen.........this is Australia!!
  17. now thats funny
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Agree on that, I'm sick of deliberately not voting for either major party only to have my vote go to one of them anyway. If they can't get more than half the votes on their own clearly they're not fit to run the state.
  19. Get rid of the party system , each member should be on a EA , parties should be banned under the ACC as a cartel anti competitive :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Would I change my vote? Hell yes. Lane filtering alone is a huge reason for me. If ANY party publicy promised to get on board to legalise it, I'd be backing them (yes I realise they are all scum and would likely break their promise).

    I've lived through governments both Lib and Labor, and there isn't a huge difference in my life because of it just because Kennett got in or Bracks got in. The public service are the real ones with their finger on the button, and one shit policy maker can stay in power for 10 years or even more.

    Why is lane filtering so important to me that I'd vote for the Daffy duck party? Well, My commute takes 30 minutes longer per day without filtering. I work about 200 days a year. That's 4 days per year of my life I'd wasting sitting in traffic, or 3 days extra sleep I could be getting in the morning.

    It's a big issue to me anyway.