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VIC- World Supers live @ Preston clubrooms.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    Just letting everyone know that Preston Motorcycle Club has purchased a large screen TV and had Foxtel connected at the their clubrooms in Coburg (Victoria).

    For most live & non free-to-air motorcycle programs, the clubrooms will be opened for all & any motorcycle enthusiasts that would like to come and watch.

    Drinks & snacks should be available for most times. A gold coin donation would be appreciated at each visit.

    The address is unit 20, 36 Norfolk Court, Coburg (Norfolk Court is just near Coburg drive-in). Go to the end of the court, the clubrooms are at the very back of the industrial group of sheds/factories there).

    First screening is for Misano Supers this Sunday, doors open at 7.00pm for the 7.30pm start.

    Bring as many friends as you like, see ya's there.
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  2. yay. I'll be there
  3. That sounds great... Well done!!

    Hope to make it down at some stage.
  4. It was a great night at the clubrooms last night, we switched back and forwards with Supers & Supersport and MotoGP & Moto2.

    There were about a dozen people there, the heater was on, party pies in the pie-warmer and drinks at bar prices.

    Lookin forward to the next round :)
  5. What is the start time this weekend Johnny?
  6. Check the Foxtel guide I guess
  7. Hey Guy's, I've just been advised that the clubrooms are open this Sunday at 4.00pm for telecasts of some Australian Superbike Championship races and Spanish Championship races.

    Doors will be open around 3.30pm, heater will be on, party pies in the warmer and drinks at bar prices.
  8. ahh damn, ill have to consider coming down sometime preferably when it starts a bit earlier (long ride, and getting back in the dark wouldnt be great)
  9. I might make it...got to be up at my parents so I'll pop by and say gday.
  10. Okay guy's, World Supers from Silverstone on tonight at 8pm.

    Snacks & tea / coffee supplied free, drinks cheap, lots of parking.

    Preston club rooms, down the back of the industrial area, right down the very end of Norfolk Crt in Coburg.