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[Vic] World Superbikes Mar 3-5 2006

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dan, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone heading down to Phillip Island for WSBK this year?

    I'm trying to rustle up a group of mates to camp trackside, I'll probably drive down with the trailer full of gear and let the others ride down.

    Should be a corker of a weekend. My mind is racing wondering how a few thousand drunken revellers with motorcycles will behave camping next to the newly laid scale replica of the main circuit go-cart track.... :grin:
  2. Thank you for opening the discussion sir. Yes I plan to be there and probably do the camping thing if I can orgynise it.
  3. Hey Dan, sounds good. Count me in..
  4. Yeah I kinda fancy it...didnt make it down last year - and year before went in a car *sigh* so think would be kinda cool...count me in for sure...
  5. I've bought my ticket. I'm going.
  6. I'm going but I'm staying in Cowes. After last years rain a warm shower and bed is more inviting.
  7. If they dont convince me to work this year, I'll spectate too.
  8. I will be there 4 sure : )
    prob with a few mates tho ....
    maybe we could just have 1 BIG group staying at track side ......woo hoo
  9. Jodz and I will be there... we normally share rent a house with a few people and are doing that again (full already before anyone asks).

    Can normally be found on one of the Siberia viewing areas.
  10. Ive got a few friends that want to go trackside, im still working out if im going but im thinking track side if i do
  11. I will be going for sure, but I need my creature comforts :grin:
    Thank goodness for a holiday house at Ventnor at my disposal :)
  12. I'm currently waiting a reply regarding the house we had last year and if it's still available or not. If it is, I will be staying there, otherwise I think I might commute daily.
    Either way, I will be there :)
  13. Ah. The aus.moto contingent. Wandered around Siberia looking for you guys at the AGP, but didn't see anything Knobdoodlelike (he's the only one that I recognise).

    We're doing the Bar SBK thing again this year. Handy being able to ride the bikes from beer tent to beer tent.

    Not that we encourage or condone such actions, unless of course, it's purely to ride from beer tent to beer tent...
  14. i usually go.. probably gunna camp down there again with a couple of work collegues.. of course none of them drive so i normally get bummed into driving the car for the car pool..
  15. I'm heading down there with #1 son, so I'll be driving. :evil:

    Hooking up with a mate who's riding down from Canberra, but it'd be good to catch up with a few Netriders too. :)
  16. bastard caravan parks want $660 for the four days (minimum booking) but Dacs lives at Pakenham so we will do the daily commute through Kooweerup...... leaves for money for other stuff.... and I get to come home to a decent bed and a feed :?
  17. I'm there, not sure for all 3 days or what days. Won't stay over but can't wait. will be a blast.
  18. things are looking up.. all the guys from work have piked it.. but i might have got a couple other mates going instead.. good thing about that is they ride too.. so 3 of us learners riding down to the island.. its gunna be awesome..

    if you see an accross, a bandit and a balius with L plates anywhere.. come up and say hi.
  19. me me me me me me
    i'll be there !!
  20. doubt that i'll do the wkd ... but if anyone wants to do the day trip i'll be lookin' for company to head down...