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[VIC] Winter Blood Challenge, Sun Aug 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Vic

    I have made a booking for Netrider at the Southbank Blood Bank on the 24th of August - This means all the people that manned up and gave blood for Grrrl will be able to donate again.

    Location: Red Cross Blood Bank - Southbank
    Street: Balston Street...

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  2. The legends list so far -

    Jadey +1 (With Azz playing the part of fan boy for the ladies)
    the mad hatter

  3. I will be there. Can diabetics give blood? I have not donated for some time, and since have been diagnosed with it.
  4. Would love to donate, but for some reason you guys do not want any good old british blood with mad cow disease.

    I do not think I have any symptoms.
  5. Actually Cam they just don't want British blood. Mad cow was just a welcome excuse :p
  6. Sweet, Holly. I will donate then!
  7. I guess you better put me down. I really don't have an excuse.

    Apart from having to get up early on a Sunday. Bugger!

    Vic - LizzyM is willing to come but she is a Platelet/Plasma donor which requires special treatment Will they be able to take her on the day? No point in her getting up early if they can't.
  8. Unfortunately they only take whole blood on Sunday.
  9. We are 30 behind the leader with only 15 or so committed to donating on the 24th :(

    At this state we will have to settle for 4th place :mad:
  10. I donated last week but did remember to fill in the bit of paper for the challenge so add 1 to the Netrider tally.
  11. We started the challenge with 11 on that one day.

    So we've had 4 people donate since and have nominated netrider.

    I know smee is one of them.
  12. This is a Bloody good idea! :LOL: :LOL:
    Sorry I had to say it. :)
  13. Vic wrote:
    [quote="We started the challenge with 11 on that one day. So we've had 4 people donate since and have nominated netrider.[/quote]

    Hey Vic, you can add me to that tally, I did my regular plasma/platelet donation and filled in that little slip nominating Netrider. What is the cut off for the challenge? I am booked in for another "service" on the 1st Sept and can nominate again. Would that help?

    Cheers :grin:
  14. Cut off is end of August.

    Winter is June 1 - Aug 31
  15. I gave yesterday. Add one more to the tally!!

  16. Hi All - The time is drawing near.

    Can you all please PM me your full name and DOB or donor number

    Cheers Holly
  17. Vic Fkiaras
  18. I gave mid June during the school holidays and filled in the form.
  19. Given there was some offline talk about timing... is it still 10am per the calendar entry?