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[VIC] Willow Grove Road (Icy Creek) [C465]

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by oz_johnno, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. [VIC] Willow Grove Road (Icy Creek) [C465]


    Walhalla, willow grove to icy creek moss report

    Went to Wallhalla on twice on the w/e (cant get enough of those wally burgers)

    Lots of moss on the road between willow grove and icy creek and a fair bit rawlson to walhalla as well.

    Being a lovely bright green it isnt hard to see, just a bit slippery especially if your rubber isnt all that flash.

    bare it in mind if your up that way.......

    Oh yeah, old jindavick to moe along the old sale road aint all that flash either

  2. Re: Walhalla, willow grove to icy creek moss report

    went down the wallhalla rd on saturday in the car, and it was super slippery! no way would i have tackled it on the bike!

    is it me or is that road getting more bumpy?
  3. Re: Walhalla, willow grove to icy creek moss report

    I think the roads in country Vic are getting worse everywhere, we were out north west and west over the long weekend and the roads are shitful......pot holes, bright green moss down the middle of the lane, wash outs, loose gravel on bends just what a motorcyclist doesn't need.

    Yeah.....go Vic
  4. Re: Walhalla, willow grove to icy creek moss report

    Those roads are always moss'ed over at this time of year.
  5. Re: Walhalla, willow grove to icy creek moss report

    Exactly pvda, not so much a problem with the road so much as the amount of sunlight (or lack thereof) falling on it. Moss likes to grow in the shade

    It is however do-able, you just have to keep the grand prix wannabe stuff for the summer months :)

  6. Re: Walhalla, willow grove to icy creek moss report

    I did the South Gippsland hills yesterday, and found streaks of moss along the Warragul-Kurrumburra Rd between Mountain View and Strezlecki and also along parts of the Grand Ridge Road (esp. the circuit running from Mirboo North - Boolara - Boolara South - Mirboo North). Mostly its just along the centre line of each lane, but the cattle and milk trucks tend to drip mud and shit all over the place, especially when they've been running up hill, so sometimes its a little harder to spot, but if you keep to the tyre tracks you should be right.

    I guess its the time of year for moss on both sides of the Latrobe Valley, so keep your eyes peeled, esp. on the shady areas along the south sides of the hills. Still, its great area for a (motorcycle!) ride if you can put up with the smell of the cows...
  7. Re: Willow Grove road

    Yeah, it's always like that. Even more fun during the week when you encounter log trucks...
  8. Re: Willow Grove road

    Was clear Sunday afternoon...amazing how fast the surface changes.

  9. [VIC] Icy Creek Road - covered in rubbish

    The Icy Creek Road between Noojee and Hill End is covered for most of its length in scrappy bark and other debris. And as many parts of the road don't get direct sunlight it's also perpetually wet.

    I rode along it on Saturday. I had quite a few "moments" including one where I move to the centre of the road to avoid some larger stuff when a log truck came around the bend.
  10. Willow Grove

    Australia Day 2012 a few of us did the Noojee to Willow Grove thro Icey Creek .
    It looks like the road has been used for target practice by the Taliban , there are huge blow outs and craters every where on both sides of the road .
    Also at the intersection of Poowong Rd and Korumburra Warragul in Ranceby there is a huge pot hole that copvers almost the whole of the Warragul bound lane.
    All probably due to the rain we have had this past years but Vic Toads FFS fix em up before someone dies .
  11. Re: Willow Grove

    Ring them and make a complaint [MENTION=19355]sirprice[/MENTION] the more people that do the more chance something is done sooner.

    Motorcyclists can call the above telephone number at any time to report road conditions and give suggestions for improvement on any road in Victoria.

    The Road Condition Reporting Line is an initiative of VicRoads and the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council. It gives motorcyclists the opportunity to assist VicRoads and Councils in maintaining Victoria's roads and helps to improve road conditions for all road users. It can be called 24 hours a day.

    The same telephone number is to be used for traffic signal difficulties or faults, ie 13 11 70.
  12. Hills End - Noojee Road

    Hi all,

    Been travelling the Hills End - Noojee Road today. A very picturesque route through the rainforrest. The road is narrow in stages and there are plenty of 'Road Hazzard' signs. Some of which are followed by a big frickn hole in road - so you have to be careful and concentrating. A couple of trucks came my way as well, both cutting corners - something else to watch out for!

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  13. Re: Hills End - Noojee Road

    That would be Icy creek road yes? It's always a bit ordinary. Treat with respect.
  14. Re: Hills End - Noojee Road

    Yep. Icy Creek road, Looks like they have swept it, seems very clean for once,
  15. Re: Hills End - Noojee Road

    Came back home that way today...
    Saw those bad patches and one in particular could be nasty...

    One thing I wasn't too sure about though. there are 60kph work zone signs scattered along the whole narrower part right up to the left turn before Noojee..

    So is it 60kph for the whole or only until you see some rough roads as you pass the signs..

    Only slowed down around the rough bits but its confusing I must say..
  16. Re: Hills End - Noojee Road

    + 1 on the holes! shame they couldnt spend some money fixin the road in stead of putting up more cameras, but that wont make any revenue will it! also they have laid some greasy asphalt near Trafalgar and topped it with 50mm of loose gravel waitin for the cars to compact it.
  17. If you have a phone or gps note the exact locations and take the time to report them on the Vicroads number


    The life/bike you save could be your own (or mine)
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  18. Re: Hills End - Noojee Road

    Yep I nearly got swallowed by one of those holes today on my way to Healsville. Went home via old sale road and it was sooooo smooth.
    Hope everyone had a top day of riding coz I sure did.
  19. Re: Hills End - Noojee Road

    Was confused by that too. The 60 signs around the 'Road Hazards' never really get cancelled, but I thought they must be after the 'Hazard' past. But then I saw the 'End 60' sign at the intersection Noojee - Baw Baw Road. I guess, it should be 60 all the way?