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[VIC] Willow Grove Rd (C465), Noojee to Hill End

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by titus, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Went through here yesterday, and the condition is atrocious. Many, many large potholes and washouts. From the depth of them, it looks like they've been developing for a while, too. Gravel spilling out of the ruptures adds another hazard. It's worse toward Hill End and there's one washout that extends across the entire roadway and is very deep. One rider says he felt a testicle pop out of his left ear when he hit it :wideyed:

  2. Its been like this for a while now, far from the glowing recommendations it constantly gets from AMA top 200 roads etc.

    This and the baw baw road, too many logging trucks, and potholes that are never ever fixed.
  3. You'd think with the amount of logging trucks using that road they'd keep it in better condition.
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    I am afraid we will have to get used to this, Vicroads has had its maintenance budget cut and so has halved its resurfacing commitments. I would urge us all to make use of the Road Hazard reporting number (131170) and report these bad spots. Unfortunately they are only likely to be patched rather than repaired but the "Squeaky wheel" as the saying goes.

  5. Yep, know that one off by heart Chris ;)

    You're definitely right in that we're going to have to get used to it. I'm going on the (possibly incorrect) assumption that all the pothole-avoiding tactics I've developed on the roads is making me a better rider - I choose to keep telling myself that anyway :D.

  6. I agree. Time to get adventure bikes? :)

  7. Today it's a pot hole, tomorrow it's a kitten. It pays to practice. :)

    On a more serious note...yes...as if our roads are repaired properly anyway...now we will have to get used to even far more cheap and nasty patch jobs.

    I was just about de-knackered by one such item a week ago on a ride. Was looking elsewhere (where we are supposed to look), and did'nt notice the meteorite crater until it appeared in my peripheral vision. Too late...Eyes popped, then reinserted shortly afterwards.
  8. I did this road last Australia day so thats almost a year ago and the surface was atrocious . Pot holes every where with craters here and there , it seems like there has been no maintenance in a year on that piece of road .
    Thats another one to cross off the list .
  9. for those of you wondering, this road seems in pretty good nick... for the longest time this road has been nothing short of a death trap, but went through there today and looks like they have finally made the effort out there. still a fair amount gravel all over the place, but that will soon be gone...
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  10. Great timing, I'm headed that way tomorrow (y)
  11. have fun, even the road into noojie isnt too bad atm.
  12. Yay! about time will get a ride up to Rawson in :)
  13. One word. Gravel

    One nasty patch right in the middle of a tight left hander in the woody bit. Outbound direction.

    Another nasty patch on a downhill left hander on the more open part before you get to the tight bits. Inbound direction after Hill End.

    Keep your eyes peeled for it.