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[VIC] Wildwood - Road Works

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by DisgruntledDog, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Just north of the airport on Wildwood Rd, Wildwood they are doing roadworks north of the bridge. There is a lot of gravel on the road.

  2. Needed doing. Hope they fix that f$%^n' bridge!
    Was headed that way next time out, too.
  3. Yeah, that whole road needs to be worked on. Looks like they are slowly working north on it. I do that road every time I go to the city. The bridge is a challenge.
  4. which bridge?? the first or second??

    The resurfaced the road north of the second bridge, and actually built a new bridge next to the second bridge just before you get onto lancefield bulla road.

    It was full of gravel for some time...

    or are you referring to the first bridge??

  5. The crappy one closer to the airport.
  6. Yeah, the wooden one with loose planks, and large splinters and nails sticking out of it! Burn the bastard and start again.
    I did notice work starting on the other bridge last time...
  7. hell yeah burn that bridge i crashed there in the rain ****ing wooden uneven planks !!! arghhhhhhhh even wrote letter to council ](*,)
  8. I'm assuming your talking about the bridge closest to scumbury (Gellies road on google maps) not bulla?? I went from the airport through wildwood (little wooden bridge everyone knows) and straight up to clarkefield (Konagaderra road on google maps) and saw no more gravel then is usually there (bugger all). Only real issues are road surface as always but nothing new.
  9. Yeah, that one. Must of cleaned it up. Not sure what they were doing. It looked as though they were going to widen it around the 180 degree turn just past the orange Volvo.
  10. So the road is clear???

    The chocolate run plans to drag some learners this way on Saturday.
  11. Brownyy says so it must be so.

    I'd be a bit wary of the wooden bridge with a bunch of learners. The gaps in it are capable of eating bikes.
  12. You trust brownyy???
  13. Yeah, I'd trust him with your life any day.
  14. The chocolate run part is fine - same as last year's vanilla run... I did it again tonight nothing too serious except tonight I had front brakes!! :grin: (unlike the night before)