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[Vic] Wildwood Bridge closed till 09 AUG 2010

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by brownyy, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. They are re-surfacing or rebuilding the bridge, either way it's permanently closed until the 09 AUG 2010.

  2. Bummer. Thanks for the heads up.

    Needs to happen, I suppose.
  3. :'( there goes my favorite loop
  4. Noooooo.

    I guess it'll be worth it though. I'll just have to come in from Sunbury end and
    u-turn at the bridge till it opens.....
  5. about ****n time they fixed it - it was AWFULLLLLL
  6. I always considered it a challenge.
  7. +1

    I treat it as a refresh the mind point and usually stop there for a break.
  8. Icicle ride starts at Calder Servo this year. I was tipping that it would probably go out via Wildwood. But if the bridge is closed I guess not.

    Which bridge is it? The little wooden bridge or the one at the bottom of the deep gully?
  9. It's the old crappy bridge that makes you think you'll fall through. The one closer to the city.

    The other bridge has recently been replaced with a concrete bridge.

    Also for reference there is only one bridge in Wildwood and it's on Wildwood Rd. The other is in Clarkefield and is on Kongaderra Rd.
  10. +1, not that hard people, if you know it's there slow down, take the left wheel track. If you don't however, yeah....................

    They are all at the bottom of a deep gully ;)

    This lovely peice of 1900's engineering; Google maps.
  11. The bridge is [strike]ouuuuuuut[/strike] open.

    And what a super fukn vicroads fail it is, it's virtually exactly the same. The parts where car wheels go have been replaced yet again with boards and giant protuding bolt heads - great for tyre punchers. The only difference is the centre bit; its not longer sand and 8-10inchs deep, its been replaced with something solid, but its still lower then the planks of wood by a few inchs. That is, enough difference to throw a bike off.

    So in terms of bikes, its not fukn different.

    They closed the entire road for 4-5 weeks and its a fukn joke. Even while the route was closed they didn't even bother to resurface any of the road which is in a shit condition.

    Those who like that road i suggest you write to Vic-"where a bunch of theiving **** wits"-Roads and complain.

    Sorry no photo's atm using iPhone and camera is on lone to a mate abd iPhone at dusk is useless.
  12. Bugger. I'm going into the city tomorrow so if I get a chance I'll take a quick pic.
  13. i'll take the SLR out on Wednesday as I have to head to gisborne anyway.
  14. Ahahaa, typical of bureaucracy I guess. That bridge could be very dangerous to someone... the first time I rode it I was somewhat surprised by the condition of the bridge.