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[VIC] Wildlife on Eltham - Yarra Glen Road at Night

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Captain_Slow, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. There's occasionally the odd wombat on the roads in the Yarra Valley at night, so I always use highbeams even if there is moonlight or if I know the road well.

    So on Tuesday (22/9/09) at 10pm I was riding towards Kangaroo-Ground on the Eltham - Yarra Glen Rd, map here, when I could have sworn I saw a deer which had just finished crossing the road, and had turned its head around to look at my highbeams as I whizzed past at speed.

    So my question is, am I going nuts?

    All psychiatric assessments welcome!
  2. are there any deer farms near there? hahah
  3. why would you be riding at night

    "at speed"
  4. to get to the other side! oh wait.
  5. Funny you should say that enigma! I went for a google and found this:

    Maybe I'm not nuts after all. :LOL:

    Firetiger, because it is more fun than during the daytime.
  6. Yep, I've seen deer up that way before, though they usually keep right out of sight.

    I'm surprised that the fires didn't cull most of them anyway.
  7. a mate of mine got taken down by a deer in Germany... they were riding a goldwing at around 80kph just dark getting to the hotel... next thing a deer jumped out of the gully beside them on the side of the road straight into his mrs that was on the back... she remembers blacking out and then waking up to see the bike and her hubby sliding down the road spinning with sparks flying everywhere and then blacking out again... three years later and she still needs another operation... good luck with you "FUN" ..
  8. good luck with you grammar.
  9. Firetiger, thankyou for your concern. I'm sorry to hear about your mate. I am aware of the risks involved in motorcycling, and I have 25,000 km of experience guiding me in this respect. Frankly, I'd prefer to contend with the wildlife at night than the litany of bad drivers during the day. The advantage of wildlife such as deer is that I haven't been rear-ended by one.

    Roderick, thanks for confirming that for me. If what I saw was a deer, it makes sense that it was displaced from the national parks by the fires.

    Spawn, :LOL:
  10. G'day everyone,...

    Oh you will get a lot of deer around that area,...
    There always has been.

    I have to deal with Wallabys,... Kangaroo's,..... Wombats,...
    Possams,.. dogs ,..and yes,DEER!
    I love liveing in the country myself,... but such things are a part of the enviroment so you just live with it,... once the sun has gone down I will not ride over 80klm per once I get off the western Highway.

    But yes,..you will see Deer out there,...

    Dr Who?
  11. I encountered a deer at dusk on the Whitfield - Mansfield Rd a couple of years ago.

    I missed.
  12. Davo Jones rip
  13. Yes I've seen them before in Narbethong and Toolangi. Im in Viewbank, 15mins from your sighting and any night of the week I can see packs of roos 2 mins drive in bush near here. Used to get heaps od deer up around Mt Buller and just missed one years ago on my old XJ900. Plenty running wild in the high country. I knew some local boys who used to go hunting De Niro style on regular basis. There pretty timid buggers though with good sense of smell. You were lucky to see one :-k Maybe he lost?
  14. oh dear... :(

    i've been waiting for Davo to get back so that i could ask him some more questions about his GTR... i just thought that he must have been busy after his big trip.. im gutted to hear that :cry:
  15. Great Ocean Road.

    They is an urban legend that states there is a big black cat roaming that part of the world. Well, about this time last year I believe I saw it.

    It was certainly ALOT larger than a domestic cat. It pounced across the road like a cat and not a dog. It certainly was not a deer......... So, was it the big black cat???

    Who know. I was tired and it was all over in a second..... So, maybe I am crazy.
  16. wombats are harder than concrete