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(Vic) Who's up for some hardstyle dance this Sat nite?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, May 30, 2008.

  1. Hey Peep's :)

    I'm going out for a bit of hardstyle dance this Sat night in King St (PHD), who's up for it? I'll probably get there around 11.00pm.

    PM me and I'll get you on the 'guest list' for cheap entry.
  2. I'm guessing it's a viagra sponsored event?
  3. I thought it said "hairstyle". was on the lookout for 80s retro
  4. johnny! wouldnt of picked you for a hardstyle type of guy.. im usually around the corner at bubble when i go out for some hardstyle action. :grin: if i end up that way tomoro il come past and see if i can catch ya!
  5. Hey Dave I didn't pick you for hardstyle either :) I use to do Bubble every week '03 to '05 but it's a different crowd now, PHD is a bit smaller with more room to dance.

    Might see ya
  6. i am Sir John of Oh, however i'm a little far away :(
    looks like bogan small town pub for me instead :( :(
  7. Cool dude, next time you come down, we'll go out and go hard :wink:
  8. you know i'm going to hold you to that!
    drag that cheeky lil' Suzuki Mystery Bike rider out too :cool:
  9. Na, she and I are no more, I don't think she was so into the scene anyway. Let me know when you are coming down and I'll organize a few things :wink:
  10. Joel, Johnny O and I will send you home in an Ambo.
  11. Nah, that's only how I know that I've gone hard enough, if I go home in one, he he
  12. Whatever happened to Johnny B Goode?
  13. "Johnny B good"?!!!!....... Johnny B exceptional!!!!
  14. Thats what we like to hear.
  15. If it's any consolation, i boganned out at the "Bayview" and had my own rave, shared with a couple brothers. we even sent "hideously pissed, tackle out" pics to all and sundry. but dont judge me, it was cold y'know.
  16. Well I've just had 1/2 a dozen bottles of bourbon & coke and I'm off to the train station to the city for some mayhem, should be home around 9am ish, I'll report on the night :wink:
  17. i love bubble more the PHD

    Twister isnt too bad either