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[Vic] Where to take the kids these holidays

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. School holidays are well and truly upon us and for a few more weeks and some people might be running out of things to do with the kids.

    I thought I might start a thread so we could share suggestions, include important things like where, when, cost, facilities and so on.

    So to get things started;

    Yesterday I took my 6yo nephew & my father to the Railway Museum in Williamstown.


    WHERE: Champion Road Williamstown (short walk from Nth Willy Station).
    WHEN: Weekends 12:00 - 17:00, school holiday Wednesdays 12:00 - 16:00.
    COST: $3.00 for kids & concession, $6:00 for big kids (adults).
    FACILITIES: Basic, not very wheelchair friendly.

    There is some 60 items of rolling stock from the 1880 F176 steam locomotive to a 1972 Hitachi suburban electric motor carriage and you are able to climb into the drivers cabin of most of the loco's to see what it was like, and pretend you are, a train driver :wink:

    There is also many photo's & other railway related items on display as well as a large model railway.

    The biggest problem I had was keeping up with my nephew with so many things to look at and play in, especially after he met a 5yo and they both took off checking things out leaving the grown ups to try and keep up :roll:

    They only have basic soft drinks on sale but there is a 7-11 100m down the road if you get a dose of the hungry's.

    In summary a great and very cheap way to fill in several hours and a way to bring back memories (for my Dad) of the golden age of steam.

    Next thing on the holiday to do list is Sovereign Hill in Ballarat later this week which aint exactly cheap but a good way to show the young fella how it was in the past and a day trip for the entire family.

    Anyone else got any other suggestions to share??
  2. If you take your kids to ANY sort of old railway or whatever, where there is a working steam train you can ride and it goes through a tunnel [ie. Zig-Zag Railway, NSW]:

    Take a laser pointer. Give it to your kids.

    Even the weakest, crappiest ones would make Darth Vader jealous when they shine through the smoke the whole length of the train.

    So awesome.
  3. Going to Werribee Open Range Zoo in the next couple of weeks. Told it's great.

    Looks like I'm also going to the railway museum now. :wink: Thanks!
  4. The obvious ones (also depends on their ages)

    Melbourne Zoo - all day fun and plenty of park/shade to have an afternoon nap

    Geelong/Eastern Beach - Great boardwalk, parks, ferris wheel and old style merry-go-round

    Healsville Sanctuary - alot of fun
  5. Still on the train theme, you could go to Emerald Park Lake...few different activities, including a little waterslide and stuff that should be running this time of year.

    Could park at Belgrave, catch Puffing Billy there, spend the day/afternoon/morning and catch the train back again *shrugs*

    The only thing you pay for is the train from memory, everything else is free as far as I know (bar food from the kiosk etc)
  6. Scienceworks is pretty good value, they have the planetarioum there as well. They run a great kids show in the planetarium which kept my boys quiete for the duration (4yo, 5yo & 7 yo).

    In scienceworks they have a space theme going now where you can hop in a shuttle simulator and land the thing. There is a load of other interactive stuff as well


  7. Another cheap outing is the RAAF Museum at Point Cook.


    WHERE: RAAF Base Williams, Point Cook Rd Point Cook (5 mins off freeway)
    WHEN: Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 15:00, Weekends 10:00 - 17:00
    COST: Free

    Being on a working RAAF Base you must sign in and out when you get to the gate and be issued with visitor passes by security. Rock up to the gate and tell security you want to go to the museum and they will get you to pull over to the side and sign in. The museum is about 400m inside the base on your left, the car park is on the right.

    There are many former air force planes on display and other stuff to look at.

    They also fly one of the exhibits that can fly on Tuesday, Thursday & Sundays at 13:00 if the weather is favourable.

    Be careful when driving out of the base as the exit is on a high speed bend on the main road and vehicles on your left can be difficult to see.

    The Army has a Tank Museum at the Puckapunyal base near Seymour to add to the list as well.
  8. I always like to seat them next to the busiest freeway I can find and tell them to count the cars with number plates with an odd number as the last number and I'll be back to pick them up tonight sometime :bolt: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Ktulu himself presented Jeff with his Father Of The Beer award at the Thursday afternoon ceremony...