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[VIC] Where to take a visitor from Perth in 48 hours...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. [real quick writeup, I'll do it properly for the newsletter]

    So Martin (Dangerman) comes over to visit Melbourne from Perth. He's got a VFR750 for 2 days and he wants to sample what Melbourne riding is about.

    Well, we just got back. Here goes:


    Dean's Marsh (pissing down)

    We get a break in the clouds for a minute while we have a coffee in Lorne, and the GOR is dry for all of 5km, then we come around a corner and the rain blasts in sideways again. BASTARD! SHITE! BOLLOCKS! You can see it sheeting down the road.

    Apollo Bay is dryish and the 100k bit through the valley is nice even in the wet, we're starting to get some rhythm going, Martin's loving the VFR.

    Laver's Hill, where we stop for lunch at one of the great biking pubs in the world. Owner Pete Malloch joins us for a beer and a yarn, he's selling the pub soon so make sure you go say g'day before he leaves, he's a legend. Before we leave he starts up his incredibly loud 1940s Ariel 350 single for us and gives it a few squirts:
    He uses it for trackdays out at Mt. Gambier.

    Then out through the shocking piece of road through to Port Campbell, albeit at a quicker pace than we were doing last Saturday for Deano's birthday ride.

    And this time we stop at the apostles for a peek:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3135.jpg

    Then it's back through Laver's Hill and off through Gellibrand to Colac along this bit of road, Martin's hands slowly turning to popsicles:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3140.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3146.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3148.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3149.jpg

    Coming into Colac, Martin asked "so how do you do wheelies?" Um, roll off, then roll on hard. Have a crack at that. Sure enough, off towards the next set of lights, Martin popped his first wheelie, and a very impressive one I thought! Woo!

    From Colac it's the long, familiar drudgery of the road back to Geelong, where at least we know there's GREAT tuckere awaiting at my favourite diner (I'm obsessed with this place):
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3158.jpg

    And then it's dodge the speed cameras all the way back to Melbourne where we chuck 'On Any Sunday' on the telly and stick away some vino to wind down. We sleep very well!
  2. Wednesday:

    Sky looks bonny and blue, so it's off down the Eastern to Warburton. Bugger me, it's beautiful, but freeeeezing cold and wet. Reefton's not gonna be much fun in this weather so I thought we might do some sightseeing instead. Why not take the Mt. Donna Buang road, I've got fond memories of that.

    It's covered in all sorts of shit from top to bottom, possibly the dirtiest road I've ever seen:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3164.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3165.jpg

    Then things get misty:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3166.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3167.jpg

    And then something totally unexpected:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3169.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3171.jpg

    Then some goon, who has left his face covered so we may never be able to identify him, goes and dumps his red CB900 in the snow. Gee that guy's lucky, he'd cop all kinds of shit if we knew who he was:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3174.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3173.jpg

    Marty took the opportunity to do a snow burnout (or shall we call it an iceout?):
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3179.jpg

    And since he'd never seen snow before we wandered up to the summit and mucked about in it:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3181.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3182.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3185.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3187.jpg

    Yep, that's the world's fattest, grumpiest snow angel, right there.

    Bugger this for a joke, we jumped back on the bikes considerably warmer after wandering up the mountain and babied them back down to Warburton.

    The plan was to finish there, but after riding in the snow, what could Reefton possibly have to challenge us? We turned left and headed up the spur, taking encouragement from the helpful sign at the Reefton CFA office:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3190.jpg

    Reefton was great, much better than I remembered, although Marty was freezing his arse off and kept stopping to warm his hands on his exhausts:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3191.jpg

    Another view of the misty twisties towards Marysville:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3194.jpg

    Nice bird in tree photo at guess where:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3197.jpg
    OK, here's where:
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3198.jpg

    Then it was a fantastic run down the Black Spur, no traffic to speak of and the occasional patch of dry road. We were starting to RIDE BABY YEAH!

    We had a couple hours up our sleeve, so we thought 'to hell with the straight way home' and headed right through Toolangi to Kinglake, then hooked off left at the roundabout to tackle the outrageous Kinglake - St. Andrews rd:

    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3201.jpg
    http://web.mac.com/lozzobear/iWeb/Site/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3202.jpg
    Yep, that's what you dangle your head over when you're coming up this way!

    Then the same goon as before went to take his red CB900 off the centrestand on gravel when too tired and cold to hold it up. Over it went again. Pity we don't have photos, we might have identified him this time.

    The road home became gradually drier until at least one footpeg touched down on one of those evil 30k corners back in towards St. Andrew's.

    The run back to the city was frenetic - the hire bike had to be dropped off by 5 and there wasn't a second to spare. We stopped on Victoria Street to refuel and clean all the shit off the VFR before handing it back over to Eddie Garner with a smile on the dot of 5pm.

    I'm ROOTED! I'm sure Martin is as well. Hell of a couple days though, I think he's seen some of the best roads Melbourne's got to offer, even if he saw them through rain, hail, sleet, gale force winds, freezing cold, snow and a huge amount of debris.

  3. Hey Lozzo,

    Love the write up & pics... but u know as soon as the Mods get back from their dinner that you'll hear from them "only 3 pics per post :blah: "

    I've got the standard can at work but won't be in tomorrow, hope you can meet me on Friday?? Just let me know...
  4. it looked like you guys had lots of fun, especially in the snow
    (looks like this can go in the new newsletter that is gonna be created)
  5. I hope they see some sense ](*,) ](*,) A great report Loz :beer:

    Been a bit of wind about lately Loz, always a bit of crap on the roads especially when it hasn’t blown for a while. Glad you had fun anyway.
    Good read mate.
  6. Great ride report, Loz.

    Pity the guy with the red CB900 forgot to fit his snow chains, eh? :LOL: :p :LOL:
  7. So umm weres the pics when you showed him the lovely scenery in Werribee? tisk tisk.
  8. Damn that looks like fun! :grin:

    I hope you didn't ding the bike too much Loz. :( Wheelies in the snow require caution ok. :wink: :)
  9. Great ride report Loz. :applause:

    Gee, and I thought I experienced snow riding up at Mt. Donna Buang back in April :(. I hope the CB900 wasn't shaken much, never mind the goon :LOL: , he'll be right.

    Hats off to you Loz, thats what I called hospitality ... and a really warm one. Guest from Perth must be very happy. :)
  10. sorry - looked around last night to find your report and for some reason couldn't find it. looks absolutely fab. have you considered motorcycle modeling for a career mate :wink: :p

    also posted a quick reply on 'another' website :cool: :LOL:

    thanks for the entertainment as always, so those of us a little less willing to riding in rain, hail and snow, can live vicariously through u :)
  11. Actually I think you can post as many as you like in the touring diaries section. Voyager would have thumped me otherwise.

    I'll call you tomorrow and grab that exhaust, might even get it back to you during the day too, we'll see.

    <Moderator Edit>

    (a generous dull thud is heard)
    Loz, you can consider yourself 'thumped'. :wink:

    Please feel free to review the following paragraph from the T&Cs;

  12. Oh c'mon dude, everyone's seen a turd before! :LOL:
  13. Thanks guys, we had a brilliant time. Now, to set about writing it up magazine-style and not "OMG WTF!!11!ONEONE" style!
  14. Great report Loz! :)

  15. Another huge thanks for Loz for showing me about these wonderful Melbourne roads.

    Yep, it was cold. I was wearing 3 pairs of trousers and 2 t shirts, a singlet, a jumper and a jacket and still managed to shiver now and then.

    Yep, it was slippery. A couple of times the back wheel decided to spin while i was going in a straight line :-0 and a few times the bike lurched as I went over debris.

    But it was a fantastic ride. The scenery was spectacular and the roads were even better so much so that I can't wait to get back there. I'm already planning for a summer return!
  16. When you come back in Summer let us know you're here and we'll head out for a dejavu ride :grin: