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[VIC] Where to get L's in Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by RedNob, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all, first post.

    Have recently decided to get my bike license again after letting it lapse (had L's only for a couple of years).

    Have jumped the gun and bought a bike already, so getting my license is number one priority right now.

    I've got no idea where to go in Melb, but I'm prepared to travel if it means avoiding a lengthy waiting period.

    Anyone recommend anywhere with generally short waiting periods? I'm in Essendon.

    Thankyou, very nice site also.
  2. HART in Tullamarine
  3. Thanks for that, I'll check em out :)
  4. A lisiting of all the motorcycle license providers can be found here :)
  5. I did L's originally at HART in Tullamarine too - would recommend them :)

    Like you, I let it lapse and recently re-sat my L's. This time at MTA in Dandenong (yes it's no where near Essendon), where it too 6 hours instead of 2 days for the Learner Course and Testing :grin:
  6. Try Armstrongs in Campbellfield. Should be able to get in quickly there.

    I did mine there after calling the day before. They were pretty good.
  7. Can't see Armstrongs in Cambellfield... do you mean Thomastown?
  8. Yeah thats the one.. Campbellfield/Thomastown, Still a long way away from Box Hill. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. HART are great and you should only have to do the 1 day course as you already have some experience on a bike.

    It's worth ringing them and, even if they haven't got any vacancies within the near future, you can leave your name in case of a cancellation.

    Good luck :grin: Oh, and welcome to NR.
  10. Thanks. I've spent most of the last 2 days reading through various threads here, some very helpful info about.
  11. If you live in Essendon, then HART in Tullamarine would be ideal for you. They have a good reputation, although the instructors can be harsh at times (this is from experience as i did my L's at HART). The bikes they use are CB250 for L's and VTR250 for P's.
    Otherwise there is DECA in Altona North
  12. Thanks to whoever suggested Armstrongs. Fluked my way in for this weekend coming :)

    Everywhere else had at least a few weeks wait time.
  13. Motorcycle Motion, in Moorabbin
  14. It concerned me when I could get into Armstrongs on a days notice, but they were pretty damn good.

    I ended up doing my license at some place in Dandenong only because I phoned on the Wednesday and it was the only place I could get into over easter.
  15. Yeah, i went to HART in tulla.

    Can't recommend them enough for a beginner.
  16. I just did my learners at stay upright in Hoppers Crossing, good course with very knowledgeable instructors, I don't think you could go wrong there.
  17. Thanks rob :)

    I have however already done and passed my L's and have booked in for P's.