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[VIC] Where to buy 17mm hex key socket

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by spawn, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I need a 17mm hex / allen key socket (w/ 1/2" drive for torque wrench) to remove the front wheel on the street triple.

    Does anyone know where in Melbourne I could find one? I've tried Bunnings, Supercheap but they all give me blank stares when I ask if they have.

  2. Repco, All tools, Any hardware that sells tools, Spanners, Sockets, Tool boxes full of tools,
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  4. Thanks. I called repco - didn't have but gave me the number of 'Total Tools'. Called them and they have one. Only $14 :)


    Robbie, that looks better, slightly more but at least I'd have a set! I'll try find a store with stock...

    Edit: total tools have sets too, might just go there and have a look. save me having to find supercheap store with a clue lol
  5. Cheap and dirty way is to get a bolt with a 17mm head and a couple of nuts to suit. Lock the nuts together on the bolt thread and, voila, a 17mm hex key that you can turn with a conventional spanner or (tightening) a 17mm socket.
  6. Thanks Pat but I'm trying to get my garage stocked up slowly but surely with tools...
  7. I like PatB's ingenuity though - If you've got a few others start a new thread.
  8. I got a set with 1/2" drive from bunnings, 5mm up to 17mm. In Ringwood, there is a place called "Cost Less Bolts" that might be good. Failing that, try a good engineering supplier like Blackwoods, or Frankston Bearings.
  9. There is a front axle hex tool, I got mine from MCAS, I'm sure you can find something similar in Melbourne, or you can order from MCAS or EBay.



    Or you can try to find a spark plug with 17mm at one end and a smaller socket at the other end.
  10. if all else fails I seem to find any tool at total tools.

  11. We've got this one at home, got it from Bikes and bits in brighton, great tool, its fit every bike so far
  12. Wouldn't you know it, I spend 20 odd years living around the corner from a Total Tools store and never had cause to enter to cross their threashold and now that I live no where near one my son is an apprentice who could do with having one close enough to check out. Not right I tell you [-(

    Yeah yeah I know :-({|= but it's my son.
  13. If only Ryans still existed in Elizabeth Street in the city.

    I could lose myself in there for hours looking at all the tools and bits they used to sell.
  14. K mart have a special on at the moment,
    Complete tool kit with 2 drawers and about 200 peices, for $45-00
    For some one that doesnt have any tools at all, its a good buy,
  15. EBAY
    Cheap Snap On stuff on Ebay
    Any industrial supply store.