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Vic..where do they come up with this stuff

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bamm-Bamm, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. This was linked in the awareness ride thread and I think it warrants a little discussion...penny for your thoughts

    Copy and pasted from here


    Posted on 22 January, 2010

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    A Baillieu Government will introduce tough new anti-hoon laws to reduce the damage to Victorian families caused by reckless driving and anti-social behaviour, Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu and Shadow Police Minister Peter Ryan said today.
    “The Coalition’s zero tolerance anti-hoon plan will make our roads and suburban streets safer by introducing tough new penalties and crushing hoon cars,” Mr Baillieu said today.
    A Baillieu Government will introduce tough new anti-hoon laws, including:

    • immediate 30-day vehicle impoundment for a first hoon offence, and requirement that a safe driving course is completed by offender;
    • up to three months impoundment for a second offence; and
    • forfeiture and crushing of vehicles for a third offence after parts are stripped and sold.
    “Even Victoria Police admit that John Brumby’s current laws are failing to break Victoria’s hoon culture,” Mr Baillieu said.
    “With John Brumby’s laws only allowing for a 48-hour confiscation of hoon vehicles, hoons in Victoria can lose their cars on Friday night, only to pick them up on Monday morning.
    “Victorians need a strong zero tolerance approach to hoon driving.
    “This means tough laws which increase impoundment times, force hoon drivers to take safe driving training, and forfeit and crush the vehicles of the worst repeat offenders.
    “We must act now so offenders are deterred from continuing to endanger Victorian families with their criminal stupidity,” Mr Baillieu said.
    “Under the Coalition’s tough new anti-hoon plan, police will be able to apply to the courts to have a hoon vehicle crushed for a third offence, sending a clear message to hoon drivers that this conduct will no longer be tolerated.”
    Vehicles will be stripped of parts and crushed, or destroyed by the Transport Accident Commission as part of its ongoing testing and education programs before being crushed.
    Mr Baillieu said the Coalition also wanted to give drivers better safety skills and education in road safety. The plan will include a compulsory safe driving course for offenders, requiring them to undertake instruction to learn and understand risks of speed, roads, traffic and dangers to other road users.
    “Every year the culture of hooning grows in Victoria and it is clear that John Brumby’s hoon laws are not working to deter hoon drivers. We will make first offence penalties stronger and we will introduce car crushing in order to send a message to hoon drivers that the culture of hoon driving will not be tolerated,” Mr Baillieu said.
    “The Coalition will also increase the period for calculating prior offences from 3 years to 6 years to cover the age range of most hoons which is 18 to 24. A third offence committed within a 6 year period will now incur forfeiture.”
    Mr Ryan said John Brumby had dismissed the idea of strengthening hoon laws when the Coalition proposed crushing hoon vehicles 18 months ago.
    “Bob Cameron said in July 2008 that crushing cars was ‘short-sighted, populist and completely irresponsible’ while John Brumby said this week that crushing cars should be considered,” Mr Ryan said.
    “The Coalition has taken a responsible approach by monitoring the effect of the laws in Victoria over the last year and looking at the laws adopted by other states and internationally,” Mr Ryan said.
    Existing provisions allowing third parties to apply to vary or revoke impoundment orders will continue to apply.
    In short, these provisions give a wide range of protections for third parties, including;

    • impounding and forfeiture not applying for stolen or hired vehicles;
    • provision for exceptional hardship cases; and
    • no forfeiture if the registered operator or owner of a vehicle can prove the offence was committed without their knowledge or consent.
    “Crushing hoon cars is not a decision that is taken lightly, but sometimes the only thing that a hoon understands is taking away their car,” Mr Baillieu said.
    “The Coalition’s plan will provide a real deterrent for hoon behaviour such as burnouts, drag racing and other forms of dangerous or careless driving.
    “Victorian families need protection from hoon drivers and our plan will prevent and deter hoons with tough penalties,” Mr Baillieu said.
  2. Why does the government get so fixated on the car rather than the driver? To get caught "hooning" it's 45km/h isn't it? So there's your license for 12 months. Get caught on a suspended license? First time it gets extended, second time there's a mandatory jail sentence I believe.

    In comparison to that, losing your car for 30 days or 3 months even? Big deal!
  3. he's a politician.
    he simply tells you what he thinks you want to hear.
    there has been a huge public outcry against hoons.
    he is appealing to that outcry, because the vast majority of people support it.
    he wants the vast majority on side.

    but it's just talk... once elected he more likely won't do anything he said he would.
    Mr Baillieu has led a very sheltered life, through no fault of his own... but unfortunately, that means he does have a tendancy to say things sometimes that just are'nt very realistic.
  4. Seems like there will be a lot of people driving in cars registered to their partners or parents. then claim the registered owner didn't know about it if they get caught.
  5. I can see a lot more people doing a runner with there cars, These guys won't want to loose there cars for 30 days or more, let alone losing it to the crusher, I can see an awful lot more high speed Police chases in Victoria's future. And how is that making the road safer?

    God damn you guys really are living in the Nanny state down there! Mind you having said that, I think Queensland won't be far behind!
  6. Hmmmmm, noticed that most of you people are talking cars here..

    Hoon laws apply to ALL motorised vehicles (including bikes), not just cars..

    Baillieu can get f**ked, Im not having my bike crushed.
  7. f*&k me drunk! another uneducated fu*&ing politician keyword spamming to get his lazy ass on a seat!
    that dipshit has no fu*&ing idea what advanced driver training actually is. it has nothing to do with 'being shown the risks of speed, traffic, roads and driver behaviour', advanced training shows you how to handle your car when it turns to shit. one of the devices used (by some companies) is a bloody great turntable, which kicks your car sideways. the training here is learning how to control your car in a slide. all they're planning to do is educate people in how to break the law and not get splattered.
    don't get me wrong, i'm all for mandatory advanced training for every license holder in the country, but they're going about it in the wrong way.

    nah, the names in our state just sell off public assets and pocket the cash whilst others kill people in police custody and hide the truth (there was a video shown on some news show shortly after that aboriginal died, the cop admitted to knee-dropping him). not to mention we're now the most expensive state in terms of road costs (license, rego etc) and yet we have so little of that extra money going where it's needed.......
    exactly! all they're doing by taking cars is making more money for themselves.
    god forbid they actually do something to fix the problem rather than find another way to make money off it.....
  8. What I don't get, if they actually crush the vehicle, wouldn't it make more money for the government to actually sell it at those government auctions, like for seized vehicles, assets from drug dealers etc??
  9. Fark off Baillieu.
  10. that's true, but they said in the article they would scab the car for parts and crush the rest. any car, no matter what it is or how modified it is, is worth more in parts than as a whole car. in terms of making money, they're doing it right
  11. Erm, If I was a finance company and the nazi's crushed a car that I technically still owned, I'd be looking for a head to kick AND ANY MONEYS GAINED BY THE SALE OF PARTS BELONG TO ME! - legally... not them..right ??

    I could sue their arses for destruction of my property or willfull damage...seek and win restitution. I wouldn't doubt.

    And how many cars are actually unfinanced, these days - very few I would guess.
  12. the main problem i see is it's not some faceless goverment who will be utilised to destroy your car/bike
    it's going to be the local guy in your community who has the facility in his place of business to do it.
    and when Fred destroys Joe's car... and Fred and Joe live in the same neighborhood... kids go to the same school etc.. it's going to get personal.