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[VIC] Where are the twisties at!? 16th January

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Will be back from Tasmania friday night and before I go back to Syd it would be great to sample some of the local twisties on offer around Melbourne.

    I'll be heading towards Bairnsdale, so twisties in an easterly direction are ideal and I guess we'd part somewhere like Moe where you could loop back. I'm thinking something like the map linked below, any suggestions or amendments to this would be appreciated!;


  2. wouldnt that be an easterly direction? :p

    you could do the spurs but likely to be police around there on a weekend

    Edit: just looked at the route and looks lie you went for the spurs so ignore my advise you already knew it :p

    just watch for the police :)
  3. At the T intersection heading into Moe (get fuel at Moe if needed) turn left & go up to Lake Thomson then back down to Traralgon through Rawson (might be fuel here). Walhalla is a great place to see too.
  4. You've got a cracker of a ride lined up, there's some pretty special roads there. All I'd add is what Hipster Doofus said - go up through Walhalla and back down into Traralgon rather than taking the freeway. Oh, and if you're heading right through to Bairnsdale, the last section of freeway after Sale is a killer - the Bengworden road (The Bengy Racetrack) is much more fun, especially at 200+!
  5. I'd highly recommend Thomsons dam and Walhalla, turn off at Tyers and go through Heyfield and Maffra - this will keep you off the hwy until after Sale (519km for the day).
    If you are up for 24km of dirt there is a turn off (left) after Walhalla that will take you straight through to Cowwarr and Heyfield.
  6. Route/return trip for Melbourne based folks being discussed here.

  7. Thanks for the input all, was a great day.