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[VIC] - When all you have is a hammer - everything looks like a nail

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Dec 12, 2010.

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  2. quoting it so people don't need to go to the link

    btw, this is f*ucking bullshit

  3. "Police caught 13 drink drivers in a booze bus operation in St Kilda on Friday night, including a 37-year-old Kew man who recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.11."

    my god and these people are out there living among us, CRAZY
  4. tbh I can understand it for Drink Driving.... but for speeding :eek: Ridiculous!
  5. this is so over the top.

    I will wait with baited breath for the stockades to be brought back, hanging by yard arm, public flogging and crucifixion as a final punishment.

    what has got into the water down there in Victoria?
  6. So instead of under-skilled drivers, you have scared under-skilled drivers. Brilliant policy!
  7. There's a glimmer of hope, though. The new government is being "cautious" about this if Mulder's comments are anything to go by..
  8. Hay has anyone realized that this is a RACV proposal and not exactly the govenments one?
    Notice the new transport minister is saying the article that the RACV should focus on other issues rather than this.
    He has a point!

    Although the new gov down here did have a new hoon policy it announced before the election, it wasn't quite like that.
    Agree with the drink, drug (and I'd add mobile phone use) side of it for repeat offenders though....
  9. Hey RACV it's over! Labor is out. =D>

    Maybe they didn't get the message.
  10. There's something very smelly here.
    Here's a proposal purportedly from RACV that mirrors almost exactly the policy statements of the Coalition before the elction.
    Why do RACV see the need to 'suggest' to the Coalition the policy that they already outlined themselves?
    What's in it for RACV? (or their directors). Is it a backroom deal to create a fictitious public outcry, so the government can 'reluctantly' enact it's own agenda?
  11. :( the beigefluenza is an epidemic.
  12. No SRA, it doesn't work like that. Don't worry about which government is 'in', worry about the lobby groups because they remain the same.

    ...and something to think about, with all the elections currently going to the wire, a minority group like motorcyclists can hold a lot of sway to keeping a government in office. That's if we can all get on the same page.

    Exactly. All the lobby groups will have pre-primed the new government before they took office. It's not unusual for them to announce an extreme proposal, so they can tame it down later and have it more palatable and easily swallowed by the sheeple.
  13. Of course there is, who exactly is the RACV?

    Are they a body made up of motorists or people who sell & fix cars & associated equipment?


    I don't know, but I suspect the latter.
  14. MV, the actual club is an exclusive one. What the rest of us plebs are "members" of is the roadside breakdown service. It's an organisation that sells insurance, travel packages and finance in addition to the breakdown service.

    It also sells trinkets at its various outlets. And like its insurance they don't really have any bargains, even for "members". For example, a GPS that I looked at recently sells for more than the same one was selling for at The Good Guys, even at "member prices".

    As for motorcycle insurance, $650 to insure my Blackbird. Swann Maxirider is $240.
  15. Used to be an actual club eons ago. Then they became a business. The board are mostly high flying business figures, professional company board members and political insiders. They are there for the juicy perks and political influence it gives them. Individually they often have nothing at all to do with the motor industry, although the insurance arm derives it's income mostly from car insurance.
  16. It's a very interesting model they use to push their little agendas. Most of their membership base is made up of 'people wanting a free tow when they break down', because if you sign up for roadside assist you get a 'free' membership.

    So when they go door knocking with the pollys as a lobby group they represent a large 'membership' base so they're listened to.

    It would be good to come up with something comparable for motorcycles, just haven't been able to figure one out yet. Any ideas?
  17. Look at the example of the OMCGs recently - wasn't it Adelaide where they banded together and had the "anti-gang" laws declared unconstitutional?

    To me it seems like the MRA would be the closest thing we got? I know squat about them though.
  18. No I mean as a concept for netting 'large' numbers of 'members'. A lot of motorcycle riders aren't interested about the politics going on behind the scenes, much the same as a lot of car drivers couldn't give two tosses.

    But the RACV has still managed to gather them up by other means and use the numbers to their advantage. pretty smart move in the scheme of things. It's time we got smart too.
  19. If I was speeding and a cop tried to pull me over and I suspected I might lose my car/motorcycle for life, I dont think I would even entertain the idea of stopping for him...
  20. ....you're not the first to think that either. I hear it more everyday.