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[vic] What to do when you're involved in an accident?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sweeris, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Just out of curiousity that what do I need to do if im involved in an accident?

    Just for future referance incase the worst happens. I am a international student here so Im not really sure about the law here. I have comperhensive insurance on my bike.
    Thanks in advance

  2. you need to exchange details with anyone else involved, Name address etc. It pays to note down the rego of any other vehicles involved.
    there is no need to call the police about it unless some one has been injured, if you damage someones vehicle but cant locate the person you should leave your contact details on a note where they can find it.
    if its just property damage and you cant locate the owner your should report it to the nearest police station
  3. As above, but also get as many witnesses as possible, particularly if it's not your fault. Unfortunately there are many, many people who simply cannot admit they were wrong, so it pays to have witnesses when it comes time to make fault or not-at-fault claims. Even the ones who admit fault at the accident will change their mind. :p

    Gotta love our country. People try to kill you with their car, then tell you it's your fault they fcuked up, if they even stop. :roll:
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  5. I don't believe you have to exchange insurance details MG.
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  7. It will make it slightly harder, but not really. It can make things easier if you wish to settle out of insurance.

    I crashed into someone (a beemer) in my car, we exchanged all details but insurance. I got a letter from his insurance company outlining the damage, I was going to just pay it myself to avoid a rating change. But when I found out it was a few grand, I simply forwarded the letter to my insurance company who took care of it.

    Same thing with another accident that wasn't my fault. They didn't give me details of their insurer, so my insurance co. sent them a letter. Which they will then forward to theirs.
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