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VIC - What is the RACV’s stance on increasing speed limits?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. What is the RACV’s stance on increasing speed limits?

    It would be good to know this before anyone considered insuring their homes, cars or bikes with them.

  2. Dunno is the short answer but what I can read of it I wouldn't be thinking they want an increase.

    As has been pointed out on the forum before. The RACV is run by geriatrics for geriatrics.
  3. My bike is with InsureMyRide and my car is with AAMI. Can you find out their stance for me.
  4. Can't find any info on their general policy to changing speed limits except to changing downwards in certain zones. e.g School Zone, Shopping precincts.

    RACV: Speed Limits Observance

    The supported the reduction in speed in residential streets to 50k. Their members in general believe the current speed limits are suitable and that 110k is the correct limit for open highways. Speed Management (PDF)

    In general they are an organisation driven by its members who are on average, older and tending to be socially conservative. 60% of their membership is over 50yo on figures taken from their advertising demographics statements.
  5. I rang them and found out. They said your amp needs to go to 11.
  6. No, they are a commercial operation (effectively 'for profit' ) who are run by the kind of prominent business figures who frequently have dealings and deals with governments, inside and outside RACV. They will do and say whatever suits their business agenda.
    Realistically, insurance companies like RACV have no interest in challenging government policy.

    Change of scene: I caught the tail end of a news story with Chris Vermeulen sitting at a press conference with popo, it ended it with some VP comments about "...plenty of other opportunities for motorcyclists to ride at places like Phillip Island..." Did anyone get the full story?
  7. If a rider or motorist has an accident and is deemed to have been speeding will the insurance company pay up?
  8. I think you can and should make a distinction between RACV the Insurance company and RACV the club and advocacy body. Though I take your point that they have conflicting interests.

    Good question, I don't know. They will not pay up if you are drink driving I believe. Most policies have a wishy washy catch all phrase like the following taken from the RACV Commercial Vehicle policy.

    We will not pay for loss, destruction, or damage to the Vehicle, or the incurring of a liability at a time when the Vehicle is being used for an unlawful purpose, by you or by a person with your express or implied consent.

    I suppose it could be argued by them that speeding was an unlawful purpose. It would have to be a fairly blatant example of speeding though I would guess.
  9. My worry is if this organisation is pushing for lower speed limits to reduce it's payouts in the insurance side of the business. It is a real concern that they are a part of VMAC.
  10. I am a member myself, purely because I hold insurance policies with the RACV. Given that membership comes from purchasing their insurance I see no need at all to make any distinction. They are all strings in the same web and the advocacy string is very much in place to support the needs of the commercial strings. I can't see them attemping to shot themselves in their own financial foot. :)