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[Vic]What fate should these sods suffer?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Anyone got some good creative ideas as to what should be done with this pair? :evil: :evil:

    Diesel spill causes roundabout chaos
    Larissa Ham

    Two teenagers allegedly spilt 20 litres of diesel onto a Keilor Downs roundabout last night, then watched while vehicles slid around it, some spinning 360 degrees.

    Witnesses reported seeing two men carrying a jerry can full of diesel in a white Holden Commodore to the intersection of Kings and Taylors roads about 9.30pm.

    While one man drove around the roundabout several times, his passenger was reported to have opened the car door, pouring the diesel on to the road.

    The teenagers were then said to have parked their car in the nearby McDonald's, watching a number of vehicles slide through the roundabout.

    Sergeant Darren Anderson, of Keilor Downs police, said it was "incredibly dangerous behaviour that could have resulted in serious injury and death".

    "We've had reports that some of the cars driving through the intersection actually spun out of control and some did full 360-degree spins, narrowly missing other cars in the intersection," he said.

    Witnesses called police to the scene, who located the men and the jerry can still in the McDonald's car park.

    The driver of the Holden Commodore, an 18-year-old Taylors Lakes man, was interviewed by police and released pending further inquiries.

    Police now want to speak to any motorists who drove through the roundabout between 9.25pm and 10pm yesterday, in particular a Nissan Skyline and a red ute.

    Phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppers.com.au

    original article here...
  2. They need several years of making number plates, and all of the anal sex that they can manage.
    Fuel must be cheap again.
  3. Tar and feather them!
  4. Nah, doesn't hurt enough
  5. Whats the bet the cops wanna charge the skyline and the red ute with reckless driving cause they did a skid on the diesel? :roll:
  6. They should be made to clean up all the diesel, and foot the bill for the cleaning products used, any disposal fees for the mopped up diesel; and for the time of the people who need to supervise them on the job.

    Then, everyone who's tyres broke traction on the roundabout should get to punch each of them once.
  7. Make them ride a motorcycle through said roundabout at normal speed.

    If they crash, they get to foot the repair & medical bills themselves.
  8. Ride naked you mean... :twisted:
  9. Hang em :evil:
  10. The mates and I have done some really stupid things when we were younger but we never did anything even remotely like this. What kind of crazy idiots are these guys, and where are their parents and what the hell have they been doing for the past 18 years?

    Its not like they're 9 yrs old and don't realise implication of their acts - their explicit purpose was for cars to lose control ...and potentially take lives of nearby pedestrians - shouldn't adults like these be locked up for a very long time. This is way worse than speeding, drugs, or theft- this is like terrorism, attacking innocent people.
  11. They should also do a crap load of community service, and do a tour of a road trauma ward at a hospital/rehabilitation centre.
    Each trauma victim should then, if able, be allowed to punch them both in the face, again.
  12. Tip the rest of the diesel over them and throw a match.....
  13. All the above, plus some time in a good old fashioned public stockade set up at Fed square...
  14. A diesel enama seems appropriate.
  15. What are you all sooking about?

    This is Victoria, nobody was Speeding so nothing could possibly go wrong...don't you pay attention to what the government and the police tell you?...as long as you don't speed your tyres will have plenty of grip and nothing bad will ever happen to you :roll: :wink:
  16. ^^^ You want to send them to Sydney and put them on a Gay Mardi Gras float? :p

    Jokes aside, the immaturity of the act is somewhat bewildering. These guys are 18, they should have a fairly good idea of the consequences of their actions - it concerns me that they went ahead with it regardless, and turning them into the personal sex toys of Bruiser and Killer at the local correctional facility isn't necessarily going to fix that.

    I reckon some community service time at the Royal Talbot would hammer the message home big time, especially if they have to help deal with people whose injuries have left them with no control over their basic bodily functions.

  17. :LOL: :LOL: Haha

    Well the OP said they are Sods, so I think it's appropriate.
  18. Pour diesel in/on plumbers crack, line up 190/50/17 attached to 'Busa power, click 1st gear and dump clutch just before redline, awsome skid marks!! :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  19. Send em to Uncle Chop Chop's place for the weekend