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[vic] What do I do in an accident?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jatznotsavoy, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Apart from all the usual stuff I have been taught as a regular cage driver about insurance, other drivers details, call police/ambulance/racv/etc...this motorcycle thing is a new kettle of fish for me. What do I do if I am in an accident, and what will I need to do if I come across another rider who has been in one?

    Could not see anything after scrolling through 4-5 pages of search engine returns on NR, so I turned to the wider world of the Interweb. Voila!!!



    Both are American-centric, and yet surprisingly don'y mention getting a lawyer before calling a doctor, as mentioned by some of the other (law firm based) returns my search came up with...

    Any other wise words or better sites?
  2. If you're in a single-vehicle accident (at least in NSW), don't call the Police. You'll be charged with negligent driving.....
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    All depends if you were injured or not.

    Lawyers aren't usually involved unless you have medical expenses more than $5K which CTP covers up to.

    If you start to need surgery, treatments, loss of limbs, need to add things to your house because now you are in a wheel chair, etc. then you will need to get a lawyer.

    Otherwise insurance covers your bike, and CTP covers any medical expenses, etc.

    What you need to do (if you are injured)

    1. Please complete the Accident Notification Form and have your doctor complete the medical certificate contained in the form. We remind you that the Accident Notification Form must be lodged within 28 days of the date of accident.

    2. Include full and up to date itemised details of your out of pocket expenses such as:
    · medical,
    · hospital,
    · ambulance
    · pharmaceutical

    3. Include all original accounts and receipts. I recommend you keep a photocopy of these for your own records.

    4. Ensure information regarding any claim for lost wages is provided. We may need to confirm these details with your employer if necessary.

    5. If there is information missing we may return the ANF for further completion.

    6. If you are unable to lodge the ANF within 28 days you will be required to complete a Personal Injury Claim which is required to be lodged within 6 months from the Date of Accident

    If you are injured, you'll need fill out an Accident Notification Form and have your doctor fill out a Medical Certificate. This needs to be done within 28 days.

    If you can't do this within 28 days, then you be required to complete a Personal Injury Claim.

    Send to CTP company (hopefully it is theirs and not yours, if you're not at fault)
  4. As I happened to know, road accidents and especially motorcycle accidents are highest in priority list of most emergency services. Hence, if you (or somebody) has called an ambulance properly explaining the reason, that should cover for most of it, in short term.

    In one-vehicle accident, as Hornet has already mentioned, it would be wise to avoid contacting the police. In case of minor injuries, you blood will be examined for the presence of alcohol and other drugs by hospital staff and they will send the report to the police. That was it for me - nobody contacted me afterwards regarding the accident (I wasn't drinking, of course). Hospital staff will also give you a copy of their report and the necessary medical certificates and will forward another one to your GP.
    It is probably worth mentioning that most definitely you will be given the highest priority and a get an immediate "green light" everywhere within the hospital regardless of your appearance and of what you say if you are a "registered motorcycle incident". I was extremely embarrassed by all this attention and kept mentioning that "I am OK, just bleeding a bit on my right side" :)

    Above all, ride safe.
  5. Given this is netrider the list is as follows:
    Blame the other drivers
    Blame other people not involved
    Blame the local council for the road condition
    Blame anyone except yourself
    Post about the incident blaming the above mentioned
    Post asking about cheap insurance and how it is unfair you can't find any
    Start ATGATT flame war

    In all seriousness be thank full you are here to post about it and start estimating when you can ride again.
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