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[Vic]Westgate Concrete Lane Dividers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DarkHorse, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Heard a quick snippet on this on a news report the other day, can anyone elaborate or care to comment:

    Vicroads are proposing to erect concrete barriers to seperate lanes of traffic on the Westgate Freeway (I think) to prevent merging/changing lanes. Traffic will be forced to choose their lane early to have access to the exit they want.

    What a F*CKING brilliant idea! Is that not the simplest and most straightforwardly obvious way to reduce congestion that anyone has ever heard of? That's right - it's aimed not at preventing collisions due to lane changing, but reducing congestion by 'streamlining' traffic flow! Genius!

    Never mind that:
    • In the case of an accident there will be no way for ambulance or tow-trucks to access the scene and following traffic will have absolutely nowhere to go to avoid the accident

      Following traffic will have no way of getting around an accident until it's cleared (ie never - see point above)

      If you pick the wrong lane or change your mind for whatever reason you have no way of correcting

      The space taken up by the barriers will necessarily mean at least one less lane is available for traffic

      Possibly minor incidents (especially involving riders) could become more serious if the rider is forced into a barrier and from there rebounds under a car

    The list goes on. What are these people thinking? Are there no contingency studies done on these absurd proposals? It doesn't even provide a solution to the problem it is meant to alleviate, and presents numerous other and more serious consequences.

    The only thing I can think of that comes close to this is the spaghetti road engineering that is just each side of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney - and if you've ever been in peak hour traffic in that area you will understand what a pea-brained proposal this is. My question is why haven't VicRoads looked at this example before they even announced this?

    Of course the next step is to reduce the costs of the barriers and the damage to cars by installing wire-rope fences between every lane. Wouldn't that be a fun road to ride down?

  2. Many, many major roads and arteries in NSW have 'Jersey Strips' and have had for years. The dire consequences you predict seem to have been avoided. And, of course, especially on some of my local highways, many lives have been saved as trucks have been kept to thir own lanes and not been able to run out of control and crush cars and kill people, which happened too often before the traffic was controlled.

    I might add that one of our favourite riding roads on the South Coast has a concrete divider for around 5 kms, and I'm not aware of any rider being killed or seriously injured in this section, despite some pretty impressive speeds being clocked through it :shock: :LOL:.
  3. I don't see the doom and gloom like you see it.

    The road division actually makes sense.

    Time will tell if it will work or become the State's newest death trap.
  4. OMG :shock:

    You mean drivers will actually have to think? :eek:hno:

    We're all doomed!!! [-o<
  5. It's a monumentally stupid idea. All it will mean is that the 'merging problems' will simply be moved to another point. Valid points also regarding the reduction of lane space and break-downs. They do happen through that area people.

    Once again, it is a case of fiddling around the edges, raather than addressing the problems. The big one is that there are too many on and off ramps within close proximity of one another. You therefore end up with exiting and merging traffic playing dodgem cars and making a mess of things. Piss-poor design that needs to be addressed, rather than this stupidity.
  6. I question whether the OP thinks there is going to be 3 foot high concrete fence, or 3-6 inch high concrete strips(i.e. Nicholsons St). IIRC there was some mention of this last year, and it was the 3-6inch concrete stuff not a "Fence". These dividers will allow you to emergency vehicles over them, but are unpleasent to cross at any speed.
  7. This is quite common overseas. I have seen it on freeways in USA and Europe. Sometimes you have to choose the correct lane several kilometers before your turn-off, and if you're wrong then it can take many kilometers to recover.

    I don't know what the accident/traffic stats are for them, but they're still there so maybe they work?

    Gotta be better than the current cluster-f**k!
  8. Bastards. Cars can do whatever they want in their lanes, the bits in between the lanes are for ME. HANDS OFF.
  9. Alternatively, why not spend the money on more cops who actually book people for tailgating, failing to keep left, and erratic lane changes - rather than for being 3kph over the speed limit.
    Oh no wait, that would mean that the Government issued licences to people who can't actually drive. No, that can't be it - it must be a problem with the road.
  10. Why do you think it is all being done?

    Because they are fixing the problem! :roll:
  11. It's a brilliant idea and I see plenty of merit.
    It will force drivers to THINK.
  12. Paul I believe you've got the wrong end of the stick here. You're referring to the road near Kiama right? That has a concrete barrier down the middle of the road not a concrete barrier between every lane as the OP is suggesting.

    It's a stupid idea that isn't going to fix any problem. Yet another example of having to cater to the lowest common denominator on our roads.
  13. :LOL: Like that's going to happen.
    More likely they'll just realise at the last minute, panic, and try and cut across 3 lanes at once causing a massive pile-up behind tham (much like the Burnley tunnel incident).
  14. Bells street exit city bound on the tulla freeway is a great example of how the dividers may work.
  15. The lane will divert traffic prior to the Bolte entry and Service station exit so that when you come off the Bolte you don't have cagers cutting across you for the service exit. Should work well I think and regulate traffic flow better. If you take the off exit by mistake you cut back in when the barrier finishes, if you miss the exit, go to Williamstown Rd and come back over the bridge.
  16. I wouldn't want to slide across these barriers in an off, I much prefer a smooth road surface. Nor would I want to emergency swerve across one, cars might get away with a buckled rim and brown pants, motorcycles won't.

    Shyt idea, it might work for small sections of 50-100 metres, nothing more.
  17. I've had a look at the illustrations, it is exactly like the Bell street exit on Ramp on the Tulla.
    You guys are super paranoid.
  18. I have to agree with Smee on this one. It makes sense - it should stop clowns racing up and trying to cut across 3 lanes to get to where they want at the last minute.

    It may even be the stuff I was asked to look at last year - flexible strips that wouldn't cause damage if you hit them - and were particularly motorcycle safe but a good visible deterrent. Of course it might not be either.
  19. Man you lot would complain if they asked you to design a solution :roll:

    I reckon it will work. If it doesn't then whine & scream like the little bitches that you are ;)

    But at least they are trying to fix the cluster fcuk that is there now.
  20. Considering the amount of people who try and change lanes, sometimes over several lanes, to get into an exit and really don't think ahead while driving this would certainly be a good idea, not to mention stop alot of congestion caused by people getting into the wrong lanes and holding up traffic to try and suddenly change their mind.

    The accident issue is really the main problem, however simply by using this design all the accident vehicles need to do is come up the exit road the wrong way (if I'm reading this right), since as stated it will be totally blocked for effected lanes (no risk of headon traffic), which really isn't that hard, not to mention you are going to be reducing multilane accidents that stop all traffic.

    Obviously this would disadvantage lane splitting but it would also seem to make the road generally safer, for everyone (who is doing the right thing at least)which is never a bad thing.

    I'm not knowledgeable of the actual road in question, but can't help but feel like people who has issues with this solution to a problem are people who are already driving or riding in an unsafe and dangerous fashion and wish to be able to do so unhindered.

    Also on the matter of people going the wrong way, generally if you take a wrong turn you keep going until its safe to head back and correct your mistake, which is never that hard, but can be time consuming and it will be a quick lesson for most people.