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[VIC] Western Meet for Ride for the Hills - Feb 14 2010

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vic, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. (This is the official thread for the above NR calendar event - click here to see it.) The actual RFTH calendar event is here.

    For those wanting to meet before the RFTH (www.rideforthehills.org.au), the Western feeder run is located at the Hoppers Crossing Home Maker Centre.
    It's probably not called that but hey, it sounds good.

    Assemble there from 7am for a 7.15am departure. It's a massive carpark so if you miss it you most certainly should not be on the bike.

    From there, we will call into the Shell East Bound (City Bound) to collect anyone who doesn't live as west as the first meet point. We should be arriving there around 7.45am. This will not be a stop and dismount, it will be a ride through to collect anyone that is waiting for us. If you are at the Shell, be prepared for some bikes around 7.45am.

    The rest of the route can be seen in the map below. The ORGY-nisers have requested that people arrive at 8am. This Route should get us there right on 8am.

    Any questions, ask them here or you can call me on 1900.......ok, ok. My number is on the Advertise with us page.

  2. Do you mean the east-bound shell? (East being toward the city; the shell after the bridge...) Darn westerners, don't know which way is north.... :p
  3. I'll see you hooligans arrive at the end point. I've got a friend playing at the festival and I wanna be able to have a few beers, so getting driven there :p

    isn't the official start point
    rather than the place it started from last year?
  4. You want to be my b*tch on the back do ya??? lol
  5. Oh, CAN I? :p

    I'd rather go by car than be your man-biatch, Gilesy :LOL:

    We should go to the pub...it is Fri arvo...
  6. Yeah no worries we will take your bike, mine might not be ready by then!!

    We should be at the pub, but im having a few before heading out now!!
  7. Anyone else going on this feeder run? I'm thinking I'd rather meet at this one that the Geelong one, cause I won't know anyone at the Geelong one...
  8. Sorry, I was meant to fix it but forgot to do so.

    It's all correct now (I think)