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[VIC] West Gippy ride, Sun Oct 29th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: woodsy

    Ok, 29/10/06.
    Leaving from Drouin Main street Bendigo Bank about 10.30, then the Shell Servo in Trafalgar about 11ish.
    200K+ about 3.5 hoursish + stops.
    Ride is aimed at newbs, L's, P's, Bikes with Pilions, people that recently upgraded mostly but p...

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  2. OK, Raven has steped up and offered to come along as a mentor on the ride. info on mentors here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=18123

    Stewy (Tail end Charlie)
    Crusingal +
    Raven (Mentor)
    im.on.it ?
    sirprice ?
  3. Should be a good day out...looking forward to it, Woodsy. :grin:
  4. Wow...that's great Raven. If I do get to attend, it'll be as a 2 week old Learner. I've got the guts..just got to get the skills! Be prepared...I'll be asking LOTS of questions. :)

  5. Ok, getting the hang of this photo bucket thingy here's the proposed route.



  6. hey woodsy how long did it take you to get from drouin to doncaster?
    I might be up for this if I don't have to wake up at bird's fart...
  7. No worries, Rosie.
    Just approach me on the day, or any time leading up to the ride if you wish, and we'll see if we can do some good. :)
  8. it's about an hour 15, and were not leaving Drouin till 10.30
  9. If you're aiming for a 10.30 departure, what I might do is a "pre-ride" ride. Head from Traralgon, Yallourn Nth to Tanjil Sth, meeting up with Cruisin and Friends at 8:30am. Then from there over the top to Noojee via Willow Grove, Hill End and Icy Creek.

    Stop at Noojee Red Parrot Cafe around 9:10am for a cuppa and to allow the newer riders to collect their thoughts.

    From there, to Neerim Sth, Neerim, Crossover, then out to Rokeby and to Robin Hood, heading into Drouin getting there around 10:10am.

    Total distance for that segment of the ride is around 94km.
  10. Rosie, 2 weeks of riding under your belt and going for a 200km twisties blast in a group of 10?

  11. But it says:

    Ride is aimed at newbs, L's, P's, Bikes with Pilions...etcetc

    Twisties blast? So what's the go?
  12. Rosie, the important thing to remember is that you do not have to ride at anyone else's pace. You ride at your own pace. I'm sure that there'll be plenty of folks on the ride to help you enjoy it more. Whether you want to follow or lead, those who wish to accompany you will make sure that you're not under any pressure to ride fast, or to try and catch up.

    For example, if I follow you, I'll make sure that I'm maintaining a safe distance from you. If you follow we work out what sort of speed you're comfortable with, and we stick to that. If I go faster I will slow down and wait.

    Anyway, if there are fast riders on the tour, then if they're not prepared to mentor or accompany the slower ones, I hope that they're encouraged to head off first and wait for the rest of the group at some pre-arranged spot.

    Hey, on the rides that I do, there are some fast guys and some not-so-fast guys. And you know what - the difference between the first and last arriving is usually no more than a minute or two.

    Besides, on these rides, I insist that those who arrive at the pub first have to shout first. Not that they listen....

    Back to the ride. The whole idea is for the newbies and learner types to get some kays under their belts in a group ride environment. As for you being "ambitious" as someone else put it, I would argue that suburban riding is probably more "ambitious" than what this particular ride will be.
  13. My thinking is - and perhaps my thinking is wrong - I've got to get out there and do it ... eventually.

    My concern is that perhaps this particular course isn't suitable for beginners. And that perhaps I'm jumping into this too fast. I don't know. Is there a better way to become accustomed to the roads? I've full intentions of riding every day after I get my Ls....starting with the simple stuff and moving on to bigger stuff once I feel confident in my skills. I have a bit of a 'go get em' attitude to life...although I'm always wary of the dangers of cockiness....*shrugs* No cockiness here when it comes to motorbikes.

    Thanks mjt...but perhaps someone could just clear this up with me? Is the course suitable for beginners?
  14. if it follows the way a group ride is done, leader the first bike (no passes him/her) and TEC is the last rider, he/she riders at the pace of the slowest rider...... the faster riders are used as corner marker for the rest of the group.

    So as long as you are confident on the bike.... ie, not crawling along the hwy at 40km, but can sort of keep with traffic, and then whe nyou get to the twisty, go at your own pace, even if that is under the posted speed limit, you will be fine.
  15. Rosie do this ride, it will be great. Hell I would if i could.

    You will be in good hands with woodsy & crew.
    When we were down there for the GP, woodsy took us on some road with a few twisties to the main road we needed to be on to head for the island.

    Woodsy was always in sight ... apart from when the fog was thick lol & when it came to bends I took my time. Prob even more so then I norm would considering 1 i didnt know the road, 2 it was wet & 3 the fog.

    Advice stewy gave is good, if your not comfortable @ keeping the same speed heading into a bend then ease off a little do it @ your own pace.

    You will be fine, & you will not be left behind.
  16. Sorry, I shouldn't poke my nose into somebody else's business - but I know of a few total newbies who have showed up for group rides and been very intimidated by the feeling of not keeping up with a group. Consequently they've gone home early, scared and feeling shit.

    Everyone's different - some people jump on a bike, work out the controls and get straight into making a hoon of themselves. Others need an easier intro. Twisties riding can be mentally draining and quite a skills challenge for new riders. You'll know closer to the time if you're ready but the easier way is to go out with one patient, experienced rider and not be feeling like you're holding up a large group.

    Then again, hell, the amount Stewy drinks I'd be surprised if you weren't taking off on him by the end of the day... :grin:
  17. Perhaps I should just keep my big mouth shut!
  18. Hey...thanks all. Including you Loz. :) I like what you said about me knowing whether I'm ready as it gets closer to the ride....true.

    I see the ride as being a goal I can reach if I put in enough practice. Is two weeks enough - *shrugs* hey...we'll see how I go. :) :) I'm feeling confident..but then I was feeling confident Collingwood would make the finals and look what happened.

  19. If new riders start feeling intimidated etc, then you have to ask why, Is there members of the ride making there feelings known.?

    But I think I know where your coming from Loz ... new rider, taking on the challenge of a decent ride. Not a custom to being in the saddle for any amount of time. Sure Rosie will feel it esepcially when hitting the hour mark into it. At least being in the city area you can slowly work your way up in time in the saddle. Here in the country no choice if your an hour or so from anywhere. You get a custom to it real quick.