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[VIC] West Gippsland Coffee Meet, Sun Nov 19th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Lianne Smith

    Yarragon Bakery
    Sunday 19th November

    To be followed by a ride determined over coffee.

    Whatever your experience level all will be welcomed.

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  2. yep, I have it on my calendar
  3. Me too, and I'm off (work, that is).

    Hopefully too, by then, my bike's voltage regulator/rectifier will be in. Honda tells me that it's on "back order".
  4. Back Order = may not be in the country yet :evil: Hopefully though it is not too far away.

    Was over there today checking out helmets. Nice way to spend the day.:wink:
  5. Yeah, well, I'm starting to worry. I rang New World Honda and they would have to order one in. Looks like I might have to start scouring the wreckers and other dealers if they don't get it in tomorrow.

    Crikey, it's not as if it's an exotic part for an obsolete marque - it's a bike currently in production.

    Some guys on aus.moto pointed to some generic aftermarket units on Ebay. I'll have to recheck them. Trouble is, when I looked the photos weren't exactly the clearest, nor did they have them at an angle as to whether I could tell if I'd have to make a mounting plate to fit.

    Anyway, what were you doing at T'gon Honda??? Hope the guys over at MS don't find out that you were there...
  6. If you go the ebay way, use the 'Ask seller a question' link and see if they can be helpfull.

    Andrew has one of his dirt bikes on the floor at Traralgon for sale too, and I was checking on that :shock: They didn't seem to want it on the floor over here :evil:

    And even more off topic, how do you get into the Jack Russell racing..I should give my one a go :grin:

    Now, back on topic: The ride after coffee will be about 150km with the exact route determined on the day so make sure everyone is fuelled up on arrival.
  7. Did that. The units aren't rated high enough for my bike...

    Does he? Shouldn't he have it on the side stand or something?

    Daughter who also has two of 'em found out that they have JRT races near where she lives in Narre-Warren Sth. I think that I posted a vid of it on here. On Youtube somewhere.
  8. Bugger :(

    I just stumbled across it, that's why I asked. It looks like a lot of fun :grin:
  9. Well, you can de-bugger that. Got the reg today and all is well again.

  10. Sweeettttt :grin:
  11. I have submitted my leave application to "home command", and have been given approval on the proviso that all lawns are mowed and both dogs walked.....

    Now..... If it rains on the 19th after all this mowing/dog walking and sucking up I have to do, I am going to be so pissed...

    p.s. I'm not a woosiebag, I'm married... :roll:
  12. Well I would be too :wink:

    And THAT explains it all :LOL:
  13. Count me in :grin:
    If anyone wants to ride down with me in a convoy, I will be leaving Glen Waverley, heading down the M1
  14. Sorry guys - not going to be able to make this one - at 11am I will be sitting in the line (hopefully right at the very front) outside Telstra Dome with my oldest daughter. With GA tix we plan to get there 'early'...and yep...I'm SURE the U2 concert is on this particular date. :LOL:

    Have a coffee and a ride for me. :)
  15. Definitely will Rosie :grin: There's going to be plenty of other coffee meets/rides to catch up with you on, so just go and enjoy the concert \:D/
  16. I'll wait for you at the servo in Officer if ya like.... always good to have a bit of company..
  17. No worries Nobby, sounds like a plan... what time should I meet you in Officer?
  18. it's around 65km to Yarragon, probably 40 - 50 minutes riding time, hows 10am sound??
  19. No worries... 10 am it is.
  20. Sorry guys I'm out of this one,

    Fuzz.....pm sent.