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[VIC] Wessiders Annual Charity BBQ, Sun Jan 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: RobSalvv

    Wessiders Monday night coffee crew annual Charity BBQ. Sunday 11th January. 11:30am onwards. (it also happens to be Port's bday!)

    Location: Battery rd Park, just beside the Williamstown Seagulls footy ground. Map to be posted in the thread.


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  2. Best wishes for a great day. Sorry I can't join you, I'll be out of town.
  3. Bugger!!!
  4. LizzyM and I will be there.

    Let me know what help you need.... as long as it doesn't have anything to do with cricket.

    The only things I know about cricket is that they make a noise when they rub thier legs together; they sing for Walt Disney; and cricketers seem to have an unhealthy obsession with KFC.
  5. You also know that it's a 7 letter word. hehehe
  6. Sorry that I won't make it this year - I'll be out of town too :p

    Hope Buckley takes it a little easier this year ..... Have a fun day all :)
  7. hopefully make it!
    had to pick the last effin day i dont have a licence though, didnt you? :p
  8. I'll try and make it, don't have a bike at the moment so may have to pinch Hamish's R1 for the arvo :grin: will see if he notices it gone lol
  9. RSVP I will be there.
  10. ill be there. offer to assist still stands.

    maybe get in touch with kerry and see if she would like to attend. id like her to see her bike for herself, so she knows its still running lol.

    and again, ill get in touch with bek and pat, see if they would like to come along. ill let you know rob.
  11. Need RSVP's!
  12. RSVP?

    Errr... I mean, I'll be there!
  13. i'll be there rob.
  14. Sorry guys,

    Am away on the Mansfield, whitfield ride.

    Have a great day.
  15. I'll be there.
  16. I'll be there
  17. Woohoo - just checked this out and might see if i can make an appearance... its been so long since i've seen any of you guys... and i wanna make sure you're looking after my baby :)
  18. I'll be there with entourage: Mum is in town and my mate will probably show too.

    Hope the weather is good.
  19. Hey Rob. As an Occassional-Semi-Regular I'll be coming along, as the guest of a Regular, hopefully on the bike as well, weather permitting.

    See you there.
  20. Hi Rob

    I'll be passing by - please tell me if you want me to bring anything
    (salads / rocky road etc)