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[VIC] Wessiders Annual Charity BBQ Jan 22nd 2012

Discussion in 'VIC' started by robsalvv, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. It's time again for the Wessiders "Monday night coffee crew" annual Charity BBQ. Sunday 22nd January. 12pm onwards.

    Location: Battery rd Park, just beside the Williamstown Seagulls footy ground. http://g.co/maps/ga6vp

    Please RSVP in this thread so I have an idea of numbers!

    The invite is extended to Groove lounge Monday night regulars, semi regulars, ex regulars (come back, we love you!) and founding Wessider coffee members.

    If you're not a regular and would like to attend, a $5-$10 donation is welcomed. Kids and Partners welcome.

    How it works: we've collected the left over monies from our weekly gathering into a kitty - with tip in from the Groove Lounge to help boost the amount. The kitty will pay for the BBQ and what's left plus donations on the day, will be donated to charity.

    The proposed charity this year is the Black Dog Institute. http://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/index.cfm

    Bring along water pistols, nerf guns, pets and beach cricket gear. Oh and please RSVP in the thread so we know how much to cater for!
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  2. Okies .. Bruce and I are definates
    He will be legal again by next Sunday ( not that he's counting down the days )
  3. Me. Tell me if you want me to bring something.
  4. I'm in too.
  5. I will get back to you...weekends are the only times I get to actually renovate my bathroom, if I can't make the BBQ, I'll catch up at Groove Lounge if it spills over there later in the day :).
  6. Will have to let you know after Wednesday. Not sure if I am going to be on crutches or wheel chair after tomorrow so may not be able to get down.
  7. Count me in... I'll bring $10 given I've hardly been all year.

    See you there.
  8. I'll be there, as mentioned previousl only recently become semi regular so will donate as well.
  9. Lizzy and I are in. Do you need anything?
  10. wil; try n get someone to come along lol eraly arvo start i gather?
  11. It says 12pm onwards in Robs post above
  12. I shalll put in an appearance too, its one of the few Netrider events still happening
  13. opps duplicate
  14. I'm in :) happy to bring something if that'll help? Will be in the car :( cause I'm giving someone a lift, so...
  15. Mez and I are in (+ 5). :)

    Youngest 3 won't eat much, so maybe just count them as 1.
  16. :) No probs Matt.

  17. Shirl and I are definites, and be forewarned - I will be bringing the camera! :p
  18. haha... I had to read that twice... first time, I read "camel"....
  19. I will come along but I will be driving cos I will have my girls with me.
  20. Weather forecast is for 30degrees! Bring ya hats!