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[VIC] Wednesday Spanner Night #10: Replacing Fork Seals

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, May 5, 2008.

  1. OK so on previous spanner nights we've had the forks out and opened up for various reasons including replacing the oil. Now it's time to take those suckers apart to replace fork seals.


    (See what I did there? WAAAAA I kill me.)

    Forks are full of oil, and operate as two tubes, one sliding inside the other. The fork seals are there to keep the fork's damping oil from squirting out of the fork when it's compressed. Sometimes, due to age, wheelie abuse, or pitted fork tubes rubbing against the rubber seals, they deteriorate to a point where the seals begin leaking oil. That's when you've got to replace them.

    To check if your fork seals need to be replaced, just run your finger around the inner fork tube right where it goes into the outer tube. If it's oily, congratulations! You need new seals.


    The important bits of a fork seal are the dust cover, the wire ring clip, the oil seal, and the inner and outer metal bushes. Fingers crossed, all we'll need to replace this week is the oil seal.

    Our project bike this week is Nee's Hornet 250. It has right-way-up forks (cartridge style I believe) which will make life a bit easier for us because they don't need as much dismantling as USDs. It's got a leaky right front fork seal, but we'll replace both.

    The only special tools we'll need per se are whatever it takes to get the front wheel off, a jack to hold the front end off the ground, and something to pound the new fork seal back in with. On Nam's advice we'll try using the old seal as a driver to seat the new one.

    Venue is Nee's place in Templestowe I believe, this is to be confirmed. As usual, 7pm start. Please post in this thread if you want the address, all are welcome.
  2. This should be good, I'll try be there, but I have accidentally penciled in a meeting forgetting it was a wednesday :facepalm:
  3. You don't bash in fork seals, unless you are wearing a blue and white striped apron, and you have sprinkled sawdust on the floor.
  4. OK, just to remind myself, I need to bring:

    Hex keys
    Screwdriver set
    Possibly some sockets/spanners to remove fork caps
    Possibly a scissor jack

    Anybody else planning to come down for this one? Should be interesting!
  5. PM me or Loz for details.
  6. can you video this? :grin:

    I have a dirt bike that needs doing and would love to know how to do it safely myself


  7. All forks are different, from what I've seen the USD forks on modern dirtbikes require a more involved process than the RWU cartridge forks on the Hornet 250.

    I doubt we'll be videotaping the night. Sorry! There's a couple of things on Youtoob that could help you out.
  8. I be there. I bring liquid gold too. Will check if I have the right sized hex keys.
  9. I have that meeting i was reffering to, but depending how late it goes i might pop through a bit late :)

    PM addy pls ;)
  10. Well that wasn't such a big deal! Subtracting beer and pizza time, and time spent trying to bodge a tool to unscrew the stupid massive hex bolt holding the fork caps on... Subtracting that, we had the fork seals out and replaced with new oil and put the bike back together in just over an hour. Cheers Yian and Nee, that was very educational.

    Fork seals aren't anything to be scared of folks :)

    Oh and Roger, you must have some fecken steely fingers if you can seat a fork seal with them - we had to drive them in with a plastic pipe over the old seals.
  11. Cheers boys,
    I knew I should have checked under the fork cap covers sooner.
    I can say with confidence I could have muddled through that in say... 4 hours, on my own - having the right tools and that.

    Definitely appreciate the edumacation especially seeing how to open a beer with a screw driver ;)
  12. Sorry about last night folks, sounds like an easy job tho ;)

    Loz, you did remember to screw the top of the forks back in properly this time right? :p :LOL:
  13. Yeth mithter Booga! :p
  14. +1 here.
    Can't make it but it's one of the few jobs I don't know how to do
    a video would be gold.
  15. Nice to meet you and chat Loz. T'was good fun taking bits apart :grin: Did we ever find out what that leftover bolt went? :p
  16. Grab yer ankles mate, I'll find a spot for it! :LOL:
  17. And he's not talking about the bolt here either :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: