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[Vic]Wednesday Night Coffee....South East Side

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bubbly, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Wednesday night coffee for the South East Side of Melbourne now at

    Please Note new venue

    as of
    14th January 2009

    Cnr Cheltenham & Perry Rds

    From 7pm
  2. :woot:

    Before i could reply in the other thread, it got locked.. But anyway, nice to meet you all yesterday. Hope to meet you next week as well :grin:

    I hope the "leader of the group" is arranging something special for next week :grin:
  3. lol well u will just have to annoy Holster for that lawrence :wink:
  4. so who is coming tonight? :)
  5. I can't make it - I'm hosting a spanner night
  6. i saw that holster

    thats why i was asking who is, not who isnt lol
  7. Sharing is caring <3
  8. i really got to remember to use correct grammer :?
  9. I wont be in tonight. See you next week, most probably. Have a fun coffee night :grin:
  10. ok kewl :grin:
  11. just finished work, dead sheep can sure foul up a machine.
    next week people
  12. will see everyone as usual tonight :grin:
  13. well i wont be there tomorrow night got the flu which has turned into a bad chest infection and pneumonia :(
  14. Sorry to hear bout the illness Sue,
    I shan't be there either, hospital again, then the kids birthday 16+21
  15. hugs Dave take care wont ya and dont forget to enjoy all the birthday cakes :p~~~ ( have some for me!)
  16. Hopefully there will be some people coming tonight ... yet another week without a spanner night ... if there is no-one there tonight then I will be mighty annoyed ... so please come.
  17. well i shall be there tonight but i might not be able to talk. got laringitis(cant spell it lol) after suffering bad flu and so on

    hubby will be there as always :grin:

    so who else is turning up tonight?
  18. i will be there.
  19. Well what an interesting night!

    I also suck at pool, sorry lads :(
  20. tigger and i wont be there tonight due to being sick