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[VIC] Wednesday Coffee Night South East Side, Wed Feb 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Sue - Bubbly

    Start time 7pm

    McDonalds ( McCafe) KEYSBOROUGH
    Address: Cnr Cheltenham & Perry Rds

    ... more

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  2. Please Note

    will only be at McDonalds now

    tigger65 and myself will be there for the first one (27th) which is at McDonalds in Keysborough and will be there around 7pm :grin:

    a small more detail description how it will work

    The time will be 7pm at both places

    On ODD dated Wednesday's, e.g. the 27th Feb and 5th March etc., coffee will be at:

    Cnr Cheltenham & Perry Rds

    Map below
    <<clicky linky for map>>
  3. woo! local stuff!
  4. yeah we thought this side needed something :wink: :LOL:
  5. Hi Bubbly
    Might see if I can get down there too.

  6. would be nice ta meet ya :grin:
  7. cant remember my roster, but if im not working wed night, i'll be there :)
  8. Don't think i'll be able to make it to this one. Might only get to one every so often, i've got something on on wed nights.
  9. thats kewl least u met hubby so it will make it easier for GoKarting :LOL:

    and im sure there will be plenty of time for u to make one night or another lol
  10. would be nice ta meet ya nibor :grin:
  11. What's that supposed to mean? :wink:

    BTW it was nice meeting Phil. I'm sure if he's up for it we'll do some more rides soon.
  12. Good one Sue - mix it up a bit - why not.

    should be able to make it Tues @ maccas caf

    Look fwd to meeting u finally!


  13. umm Rick it is WEDNESDSAY not tuesday(u really are showing your age aint ya lol)

    and wenty im sure phil will :LOL:
  14. nasty gurl

  15. am not@@@@ :cry: :p
  16. seeeee.

    its not just me who cracks the old jokes :p :grin: :bolt:
  17. nibor but u aint old!!! rick is and i can get away with it im only a few years younger than him :grin:
  18. I'll pop in on wednesday night - I'll feed up mini me and make a break for it.
  19. lol will be nice to meet you Holster :grin:
    hubby is turning up on his motor bike while i will be in my ford focus just so everyone knows not to look for 2 motor bikes
  20. so your organising a coffee night for MOTORCYCLISTS, on a MOTORBIKE forum, and your turning up in a car?

    i think you need to sort your priorities :p

    then again, so do i. looked at the roster, im on for the next 4 wednesday nights, no dice for me :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.