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[Vic] Wed Spanner Night #12: Tyres and Minor Service

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, May 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all

    We're going to put a new spin on the tyre changing job and try to do it with nothing but what you'd have by the side of the road - so cheffie's ingenious bead-breaking tool, his car-rim lock-in system and those 2-foot long tyre levers are out of the picture. We'll be breaking the bead with the sidestand of another motorcycle, and (theoretically) using nothing but three 6-inch tyre levers and some good hard rim protectors. Stewy's SV1000 is the project bike, fingers crossed for ya buddy!

    We may have Roarin's help - and he reckons he can change tyres with his eyes closed and both his hands tied behind his back, using only his teeth.

    We're also going to do oil, filter and brake pads on Damian's ZX9R, which should be very quick - so if anyone else has any work they need to do, let me know and we'll see if we can fit it in.

    I don't mind making this one at my place unless somebody has a venue they'd prefer - let me know. I've now got some decent flouro lighting for my shed and carport.

    I think the only wacky tool we'll need is something to get the SV's front wheel off, it's one of those fecken weird massive hex sockets. I've got something that'll do the job.

    Let me know if you're in, and/or would like the address etc and I'll send it out on the day once it's finalised.
  2. This is all good provided I can get the brake pads ... shouldn't be too hard to find an oil fiter and oil ... so that's definately a go'er. LOL
  3. Ahem. I've double-booked myself for Wednesday night, turns out I can't come - so we'd better move this one away from my place! Stewy and Damien, you guys are in charge of finding an alternate location!
  4. your a knob, just in case you weren't aware :p ....how am i going to get 2 tyres a bike, race stand+tools to said location. without looking like Mr BBQ man on the eastern :LOL:
  5. I may be able to drop off the tyres (or you can come grab 'em tonight) to the secret location... as for the race stand, all you need is a scissor jack!
  6. My place is up for grabs again if you're looking for a venue that's walking distance from Stewy's place :p
    Plus I'm now the proud owner of a doo-hickey that undoes the front axle. So YOU will have no probs breaking the magic 'Mile'. I say YOU cos I aint touching it. :LOL:
  7. I just did all my brakes and clutch fluids. Doh didn't know anyone would've been interested in watching :?
  8. The special tool to undo those axles is easy to make. Just weld the right size nut to a short bolt.
  9. sheesh, don't tell all my secrets :wink: :p

    edit: oh, and if you don't have a welder, using two nuts tightened against each other does the job just as well.
  10. you got me vote.....if no one else is keen i will be there....just gotta get hold of the tyres and levers before tonight
  11. :cool: You got my number if you need anything.
  12. yep will let you know, might wait till 7.55 to call lozzo though :LOL:
  13. hehe, 7.55pm to be safe
  14. Hey chef ... which house is yours??
    I know I have been there once before ... but I always forget which one.

    *edit* found the address ... so are we doing this at your place chef ... is fine for me ...
    I have both tools I need ... although I may bring two extra tools so as I can adjust my chain ...
  15. yep happening at chef's place.... well hope so, cos thats where the tyres are being dropped off
  16. So how many people are coming ... or is it just the three of us??
    Thought more people would want to come and join the excitement of tyre changing ... again ...
    Or perhaps to learn the secret art of the oil change ... lol
  17. sorry i am at work and can not make it,
    although in the spirit of the tool night last night i swapped the fuel tank, rear end, guard, light surround, changed the front lights to another set, and gave the bike a hand scrub, its nice and shiny..
    have fun
  18. Hey Guys. I would have been In for sure...However I have someone coming over tonight to inspect my Suzi. (she's for sale if you didnt know)

    I fixed the speedo Loz BTW. It just needed to be screwed in a bit tighter so the 2 plates (which i can only describe as clutch-like) were in better contact.

    Dont I wont be without a bike for long though. Im going to inspect a sweet streetfighter tomorrow night.
  19. hey all

    I'm interested in coming along,

    I'm a noob and don't need to do any work on the bike tonight but would love to see you change this tyre and willing to lend a hand. Chef can i get you to PM the details to me.

    PS: :oops: do i bring anything?
  20. I'm going to attend for the bench top dancing (I'll have spare change with me boys)