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[VIC] Wed Spanner Night #11: New blinkers, levers, tyre plug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, May 14, 2008.

  1. A bit of an assortment this week; Dougz has got some new indicators he wants to fit to his CBR600 - that's a tail-off job apparently so a bit fiddly but won't be difficult.

    He also wants to replace a foot lever, again not the world's biggest job but it needs doing - and we'll adjust his brake and clutch levers while we're at it.

    If REACT can get to Preston with a nail in his rear tyre, we'll yank that out and try to plug the tyre using a $20 kit I bought a while back and keep under my seat religiously.

    Dougz lives in Preston, please post in here or PM me for the address. We start at 7 as usual.
  2. Cool, count me in, PM thanks :)
  3. ignore react. he is my evil alter ego for some reason ive forgotten.

    Yeah i live in North North North preston. and have some seal in a can that i put in the on the weekend when i needed to ride. the tyre should hold enough pressure. I feel bad though cause i havent been able to come to one since the first one because of work and now i finally can its with another problem lol.

    Ok ill be there with $20 in hand. need anything else?

    and pm me the adress thaks dougz

  4. Hmm, Ben if you've used that aerosol stuff to seal the tyre, there might be an issue.

    I know that once you've used it, the tyre shops can't patch the tyre from the inside any more, apparently it roots something... But the shops are using mushroom-style patches that stick to the inside like the patch you'd use on a pushbike tube, with a little stem thing that pokes through the hole.

    I don't know if that spray stuff will bugger things for the string-type plugs I've got - it's definately worth a try and I'll be interested to see how it goes... But all the advice I've had says that you should avoid that spray stuff where it's at all possible, because using it usually means you need a new tyre.
  5. hmmm ill ask johhny.

    i wouldnt have wasted $16 (bloody bp) on that crap if it was gonna bugger the tyre. but i have a feeling it can still be saved as i dont think i would have been advised to use that stuff if it would.

    as much as i would like to get rid of the dunlop arrowmaximumcrap thats on there now in a blaze of smokey glory it seems like a bit of a waste on a 250 tyre thats still got plenty of tread.
  6. I will provide beer :grin:

    You guys can buy pizza :wink:
  7. Good night had by all! Thanks for fixing the bits on my bike guys and finding out where that bloody rattle was coming from!


    I still want to know why we had a washer left over though... :? :LOL:
  8. Nice work lads.

    Sorry for not having that tyre repair kit where I thought it was Ben, I feel like a twat. Still, in my hour-long test-ride of Dougz's CBR600 I was able to comprehensively verify that the indicator and brake lever we replaced definately both work. :p
  9. The indicator was the rear one, how could you tell it was working, you're supposed to be looking at the road in-front of you :p

    Now... where was that left over washer from :? :LOL:
  10. Well Booga, if you were paying ATTENTION you would have noticed that when one blinker is out on a Honda, the other blinks twice as fast. :p
  11. Hey guys it was nice to feel "motorbikey" again for the first time in a while!
  12. Great to see ya Claire, and by god you must be growing a monster in there!
  13. Yeah - we're still not 100% convinced there's only 1 in there.
  14. Ahh, touché. :p
  15. lol OT, but Booga:

    all the random crazy quotes in your sig, are they like google translations of japanese motorbiking anecdotes?? :p

    seriously dood, wtf :LOL:
  16. :rofl:
    EDIT: Its from the 1962 Safety Rules from Honda; English translation of course :LOL:
  17. good night...nice when they are close.

    yeah dw loz. it probably wouldnt have held anyway those plugs are only temporary ones anyway.

    Ill take the tyre off, clean it up and take it to a bike shop.

    we will still have a crack at some of that other stuff on a spanner night coming soon and attempt the fork oil in under 30mins challenge.

  18. I missed this.

    It was in Preston? Damn!

    It had beer. Damn!!!!!!!!!

    Do it again Dougz
  19. I'd rather not have some f**ker push my bike over again thanks all the same :LOL:
  20. its a good location and i heard dougz was happy to host another one sometime .... :p