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[VIC] Wed 29th Dec - 900K Butt Hardening Far Riders Style Ride - GOR, Halls, Daylesford

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Ok, doing this butt conditioning loop in preperation for another Far Riders to Nambucca Heads (1400K from Melb) later in Feb.

    It will be an EARLY start at 5:15AM (I'll be there at 5AM) at the Mobile Servo corner of Stud Rd and Burwood Hwy next to the Knox City Shopping Center.
    Will pull into the Todd Rd Servo (OUTBOUND) on the way thru if I have some who'd like to start there.

    Route For This Ride Is Here

    What pace will the ride be?
    Pace will be learner friendly but distance is what moves this from the learner category.
    So keep this in mind if you want to come along for the whole route.
    Completing these rides is all about consistant riding with regular quick stops.
    Over the speed limit riding is more of a hinderance on Far Rider rides.
    Here's a take from the Iron Butt web site:
    Read more on the Butt Riders Association Archive of Wisdon Page.
    And we all know, the plod are everywhere this time of the year so you don't have anyone to blame but yourself if you're caught speeding in most cases during the holiday period.

    Why so early?
    Well for those that don't know about Far Riders, it's the kind of thing you need to do to complete an official Far Rider ride.
    Their distances is based on a minimum 1000K in a 24 hour period where the meet point, and at least half the distance should be completed, is usally around lunch time somewhere.
    The last Far Riders I did with OzJohnno to Bemm River, we met up at 2:30AM at the on ramp of Boronia Rd on Eastlink in 2 degree weather!
    Also, want to include a few short stops for some photos along the GOR, 12 Apostles, etc...
    The early start also lets me get the boring stretch of the Fwy to Geelong out of the way before sunrise.
    I may possibly have some riders joining me for sections of the route.

    Should complete the ride before dark but it'll depend on stopping times.
    Current weather forecast for Melb on Wed is Mainly sunny and 29 so perfect after maybe a cooler 5am start.

    Happy to have anyone ride with me for the whole or sections of the route.
    Just let me know by posting here (or pm if you prefer) where you may want to join up and I'll look out for you.

    Safe riding everyone where ever you ride during the holiday period.
  2. This looks Great !

    I plan to be at the meeting point to start with you.
  3. Looks like a lot of fun. All the best. You're going to love doing the gor that early in the morning with empty roads all for you to enjoy.
  4. tempted to do the stretch to apollo bay :)
  5. I was planning on riding to Mount Gambier this week along the easy route simply to avoid an early morning but your post is now making feel like I'm just being lazy.

    Certainly don't want to detour through Todd Road though so would look to meet up at my usual GOR meeting point which is the BP servo on the stretch of the highway between the bypass and Anglesea road (205 Colac Road, Waurn Ponds). Depending on my mood I'll either split off in Warnambool and cruise up the coast, or turn left at Penshurst and take the highway through Hamilton.

    Will let you know later if I'll be going or not, still have to sort out my camping gear and find a way of getting it all loaded onto the bike.
  6. Looks good, I would probably do it, except that I am in Sydney at the moment and am going to be doing the trip back soon. But will keep an eye out for these sort of rides in the future.
  7. I will join.
  8. Yep, will be pulling into Todd Rd servo (outbound)....
  9. Looking like an early start's not going to be a viable option for me tomorrow so won't be able to join you, will be making my own way down to the coast later in the day instead.

    Might cross paths at some point in the day but otherwise have fun and ride safe, might catch you on a ride some other time.
  10. Oh man! I so would love to do this ride, but still recovering from a chest infection and almost non-stop coughing fits (starting second course of anti-biotics)...not condusive to this length of ride, unfortunately. Wish you all the best, but I will be at home fighting additional pangs of envy!
  11. Just sent the OP a PM. I'd like to come too! :)

    I'll probably only go to Apollo bay aswell, but it looks like some others might too! At least we can ride back together! :)
  12. i got a sore ass just looking at the map......
  13. Lol, I rode over 1200kms today and my ass still isn't sore. Must be iron or something or the seating position is perfect for long distance.
  14. Good onya Joe for posting such a ride up. Havent been too many good ones of late. Hope any fellas had a good ride. Would have joined you but would have to come from Morn Pen for the meet time.

  15. Huge day..
    Appart from the GOR and obvious twisties, route had a lot of long stretches.
    Suppose can't be helped if you want to get from Warnambool to the Grampians.

    My biggest lesson for the day??
    What it's like to ride through swarms of locusts!!!
    They started at Dunkeld.
    Honestly, the entire Grampians are full.
    Once we left Halls Gap, it cleared a bit but then Ararat was like a plague!
    So was most of the way to Avoca, Maryborough, thru to Newstead and they finally cleared at Daylesford.

    It was just under 900K for the day.
    We had to look after a fellow rider's bike which had a mechanical, so once it was started, followed him directly home...

    Big day and pretty much what you'd go through on a Far Riders ride.
    Errr, from today, think this big butt of mine can handle a 1400K run.

    Thanks to those that came along, big effort of this kind of riding requires a lot of stamina...

  16. Good job guys. Didn't drag myself out of bed :)
  17. Know exactly what you mean by the locusts as you can also read in my trip report from Melbourne to Adelaide about them in detail. Copped them head on for a good 400-500km from Warrnambool to Murray Bridge, South Australia.

    The scary thing about them is that this is still the beginning and the ones flying around are young ones as the adults are busy laying eggs and multiplying. I hope this isn't the case but I fear a full on plague is around the corner once the eggs have hatched and the young ones become adults. I saw farmers harvesting crop in the middle of the night due to locusts. Unfortunately our farmers are going to cop it if indeed it becomes a plague.
  18. Res they were incredible.
    Riding into them is like someone throwing pebbles at you and the odd one hurt!
    Although, I still have some (a lot) cleaning to do, I found that most bounce off you.
    When I got home, with the swarms we went through, thought it was going to be a lot worst...

    I couldn't help wondering what those with open faced helmets would go through...
  19. Heh I told you from the moment you get Warrnambool and turn inland they would be waiting for you ):
    They didn't hurt me when I was riding with both wind/rain liners of the jacket but after taking them off and riding with only the summer mesh jacket, ouch they hurt. Like you say most bounce off and I found I mostly got hit in the helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and boots. Lol that's pretty much everywhere but the ones on the hand made me freak on each occasion. Hand guards would have come in handy. Also found riding with music and getting hit was less distracting as you couldn't hear them pinging on you and especially the helmet. If you don't fully want to clean your bike in detail now at least hose it down and get rid of all the guts while it's still semi warm.

    I asked the same question to a cruiser rider on last nights ride that if he'd ever had an open faced helmet and rode those roads they would be pretty ..... up.

    edit: nice pic. Can tell that's early as the tourists haven't manifested themselves as yet. On the way back when I was riding past there yesterday arvo it was chockers.
  20. Well done guys !

    After the big day I did the day before, like luke I couldnt drag myself out of bed.