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[Vic]weather warning - CBD workers should go home!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. UPDATE 3.20pm: POLICE have urged CBD workers to leave the city early with bad weather expected to cause mass peak-hour delays.

    Victoria Police said people with flexible working hours should consider leaving the city early before predicted bad weather hits Melbourne early this evening.

    Police said commuters may experience delays on public transport and roads with the storm expected to cause power outages.

    Police also aksed people considering coming into the city this evening to reconsider their plans.

  2. I am Inner City, and it is OK at the moment.
  3. This just came round from management here.

    I'm sure as most of you would know by now, the State is facing an extreme fire and storm warning for the next few days.

    There's a strong chance that extreme winds will cause major disruptions to the transport network later today, whether it be rail or the roads.

    Victoria Police have advised that a storm will arrive in Melbourne at about 6.00pm, which means it will coincide with the evening commuter peak.

    In order to reduce the number of people on the road and rail networks at this time, Victoria Police have suggested that where possible, people
    should leave the city well before the storm hits Melbourne.

    Accordingly you should consider your travel plans tonight given the impending storms. If you decide to heed the travel warning and leave early, please make sure you advise your manager.
  4. :-w

  5. and this is going to be a yearly weather forecast or once in a decade?
  6. It's the new norm, mate; climate change means residents in Kensington will have to move house before 2019 :LOL:.
  7. Riding home on the freeway had a few scares today.
    As I am currently riding a Sachs Madass I didn't have much weight underneath me. Couple of gusts nearly put me into the opposite lane.
    Time to boost those savings so I can finally get my Kawasaki W650.
  8. Not a breath of wind in Melb. right now. The calm before the storm, I suppose.
  9. wont somebody please think of the childeren!!!

    twas quite windy on the way home from the far north east
  10. The "Childeren" should be in bed by now.
  11. so i took the car to the girlfriends place (have to go through city) what a mistake. damn the need to buy things :( bike would have been through with nps
  12. I find when there's alot of hype about stuff like this it never eventuates, or at least not to the level we think it will.
  13. it was super windy on the way from CBD to oakleigh then super dusty on the way home... i got drenched which was a relief because it was bloody hot.
    have to say ive seen (and ridden in) worse conditions tho.
  14. It is raining a bit now, but no wind. What a letdown.
  15. I wonder how cities in places like Europe and North America deal with extreme weather conditions that they experience on a regular basis.

    We get a windy day and they expect all hell to break loose.
  16. I didn't know what to do once i got home, because the police advice didn't go that far into it.
  17. That is because they are not allowed to tell you to have some bongs.
  18. That is exactly why they hype it up. We barely get severe weathers. The wind was pretty strong up north during the afternoon and sudden faster gusts of winds didn't help either. Better to hype it up, then saying nothing and cause more chaos with a "surprise" weather storm.

    Also...since Europe and North America experience more frequently, they will be more prepared every year as well as being the norm, it doesn't cause much chaos. Last time I was there, Germany recorded the coldest weather in 50 years, hitting negative 20 degrees for 2 days...I noticed no chaos, only icicles on light poles.

    I would think we'd be more prepared if we had severe weather conditions every week during this time of year for the next 5 years.

    just my 2c

    phong =P~
  19. Though the wind today was equivalent to the storm mid last year that knocked victoria off the power grid. If it had been dry, then there would be concern... but till then, Chicken Littlism.
  20. I had a ripper of a cycle home today after work. The wind was a howling Northerly and I was heading due South... hehehehe, got the old heavy 1980something 12 speed to just shy off 50km/h without much effort. Swwweeeet :)

    What's that old saying, "May the road rise to your feet and wind be always at your back". Nice :)